Bush, you're not at a frat party, you dick

Okay, I wasn’t really going to write anything about Bush saying “shit” because it really wasn’t anything very surprising. The sad part was hearing just how fucking stupid he is, and that our foreign policy is being decided by a guy who thinks its “ironic” that “they” (like, some other people) could just get Syria to tell Hezbollah to stop this shit.

It was more embarrasing to hear how he addressed other world leaders, especiallly a few days ago at a joint press conference, where he kept referring to the Chancellor of Germany as “Angela.” Would he like her to talk with the press about George? Probably not, because he’s on some power trip.

But even that wasn’t anything really new, as he did the same with “Jacques,” or the elected leader of France, many years ago.

However, this bullshit is outrageous. Someone pull this assclown back to Washington - he’s a major league embarrassment. Does Bush really think it’s appropriate to give massages to world leaders. Look at Merkel’s reaction. Clearly, she was creeped out.

Fuck you, prick. You’re embarrassing us all. Okay, most of us, apart from 29% of the population, who are ass-lickers anyway.

This site Crooks and Liars has the video.

Bush is to diplomatic relations what large male bovines are to porcelain dinnerware retail establishments.

Well. I thought this would be about him talking to Tony with his mouth full.

Hmmm. Are you saying that Hezbollah would not listen to Syrian pressure to stop its attacks?

I am hearing echoes of a dearly departed poster who used to post Pit rants on the order of several per week on vital stuff like the perceived vulgarity of Bush and his daughters.

Oh, and your first link appears dead.

Wouldn’t it be more effective to dissect Bush’s foreign policy moves in concrete terms, rather than to splutter over his informality and table manners?

Back to Washington? I’d prefer back to Crawford. 917 days and counting.

I can’t wait to see how the Bush cult members try to sugarcoat this one.

Not if the big plan to achieve that is to get someone else to tell them to stop this shit.

I have not the first idea what the fuck you are talking about.

Then check the second. It’s right below the first. Or go to www.talkingpointsmemo.com. Or just fucking google “Bush gropes German chancellor”.

Why not do both? Besides, most cocksuckers here would respond to a reasoned discussion of Bush’s foreign policy moves with “Oh yeah, you just hate Bush. We’re turning corners. You’ll see, eventually, but you can’t know anything from a snapshot a few years into the process.”

Besides, I wouldn’t include unwanted groping as an elemet of “table manners” or “informality.”

I take it you see his giving Merkel a massage as a good thing? If not, why all the fucking effort to downplay and distract?

Good God! Is it that long? Really?? This seems like the longest presidency in my lifetime.

I’m not offended by him saying a swear word. But all of these things together ( massages, informality (“Yo, Blair”), talking with his mouth full) paint a very bad picture. Appearances do count for something and if I were a world leader, I would find it very difficult to take him seriously.

No wonder the US is so hated. If I lived overseas, I would always feel like I had to apologize for my President, like he’s the drunk uncle at a party.

What do you expect from a president elected based on the idea that one could imagine having a beer with him?
That is how people behave when they are out having a few beers. He has done nothing unexpected.

That informality is part of why his foreign policy is perceived as impotent. Protocol is very important, and diplomacy stands on formality.

This is not the worst diplomatic faux pas I’ve ever seen, but it’s certainly not the way you do business with the most powerful countries in the world.

Have you forgotten reeder already?

But he’s not out having a few beers. He’s at an important diplomatic conference, where good manners and etiquette are the expected norm.

Right. His daddy committed the worst one. barf


I digress.
Really, having a go at his table manners comes down to one very important thing. When your job is to behave in a certain way when hobnobbing with other Very Important People and they regard you as a crap-flinging primate (with sincere apologies to other crap-flinging primates) you aren’t going to get taken seriously or at least without massive derision, and that really isn’t the goal.

Or IS it? Muaaahahahaaaahahaaaa!!!

Yes it is. I made a spreadsheet which I refer to daily to check the total number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until he leaves. There are now less than 80,000,000 seconds left of his decidership, or if you prefer he has 62.77% of his term remaining.

To all non-American Dopers out there, I apologize on behalf of my country and my (sigh) “leader” for the embarrassment that is all things GWB.

GWB is a fucktard. A rich, important-family, arrogant fucktard.

Be careful, Ruff!! They won’t play your records anymore!!

Let’s see…Bush uses a common term in what he considered a private conversation with a personal friend.

You people are idiots.

None of those sound good to me at all. :frowning:

Even my grandfather, who used to salute the TV when Bush appeared on the news, is wavering in his support. He’s finally embarassed by him.

I doubt it. I think he wouldn’t give two shits if Angela called him George. They supposedly get along swimmingly.

With all respect, silenus, have you seen the clip of him touching the German head of state?