Bush to Pakistan: Bring Me Osama Before Kerry's Acceptance Speech

Because I figure this will make Great debates soon enough:

Gosh, if the Administration had put this much pressure on the Pakistanis in 2002, maybe we could have caught Osama Bin Laden earlier and avoided that fiasco with Iraq. But then George wouldn’t have a stunt to disrupt the DNC with… decisions, decisions.

And if that’s not enough, Bush apparently doesn’t give two toots about tipping over the precarious balancing act currently raging between Pakistan and India:

Maybe that can be the tag line for Bush’s new campaign ads: George W. Bush – Fighting Terrorism When It’s Politically Convenient.

The news of the day:

  • Bush Believes Capturing Osama Would Be Popular
  • US Government Takes Action To Achieve Short-term Goals, Ignores Long-term Problems
  • Francisco Franco Still Dead

Bush has evidently been keeping up on his Dilbert.

But how many Americans care why he was caught, as long as he’s caught?

Well Rand, it comes down to if beheading the dragon will really mean that much.

Presuming the story is true (and I suppose we’ll find out by the end of the month), it’s the sheer naked manipulation that really cheeses me off here. There doesn’t even seem to be a minimal attempt to be subtle; it’s like “Yeah, John Kerry will come out for the acceptance speech at 7:00PM, so make sure Osama’s capture gets leaked to the news media right after 2:00…”

From what I’ve read, taking down Osama won’t do nothing more than piss off every terrorist and their Momma. (Look Mommy, I made a ryme! )

Honestly though, all it’ll do is prevoke another attack and appease the masses here in the states. A major new outlet (CNN?) recently ran a report that Big Bin Landen is as much a figurehead as Queen Elizabeth, but if The Grand Supreme Lord and Dentist of Elbonia had her knocked off because it would make his approval rating go up, you know every living Brit and King George’s Uncle would revoke thier gun laws, just so they could go down to the local military surplus shop, grab a bazooka, and shove it so far up the afore mentioned dicator’s ass they could clean his teeth with it.

(I understand this is a bad example, because we have a reason to grab Osama, but I thought it was kinda funny, and have just now realized the power of the run-on sentence. Also to Northern Piper, Look a Dilbert the TV Show Refrence!)

Well if you thought “stay the course” was staying on the same policy… you’re mistaken. Its more about “keep feeding them the same bull”. Apparently too many voters still appreciate the menu course offered.

" Bush defends stance on WMD "


Now that the Iraq war is obviously a political quagmire… he must show some terrorism credits.

Do you think the American people would see through the obvious timing of it?

They might, but the press will be utterly overhwelmed with the news, Kerry’s acceptance will get shunted aside, and he will consequently miss out on the little bump in the polls that tradiationally comes with the conventions, due to sheer lack of exposure.

Is there anyone doubting that this is exactly how it will turn out?

I thought Bush didn’t care about Osama, that he wasn’t a concern.

You mean the PRESIDENT… lied?

Well, me. Not that they wouldn’t, only that maybe they can’t.

Musharaff is in a very tricky situation, damned if he does, boned if he doesn’t. The whole Islamist thing is very intensely popular in Pakistan, from what I gather. It is entirely plausible to suspect, and impossible to really know, that Al Queda sympathisizers are in a position to thwart any real attempt to comply with The Leader’s wishes. Witness the big whoop-de-doo of several weeks ago, when the press was all in a lather about Pakistan’s totally awesome offensive that, boy, just barely missed nailing ObL, and stuff.

Something like that is more plausible.

Nah, guys, the events they’re planning to reveal right before Kerry’s speech is the capture of Saddam–whoops! Oh, no, wait, they’re gonna keep Reagan alive until right before the–damn!

Inshallah. It’ll happen when it happens.

I continue to stand amazed and astonished that any reasonable person of good will, of average intelligence, with a modest amount of the most basic information, could believe in or support this administration in any way.

So, to answer your question… it seems they whould, doesn’t it? But the recent past would lead us to the depressing conclusion that too many won’t.

From the “Breaking News” blurb at the top of the CNN page, mere hours before Kerry is to give his acceptance speech:

Security forces have captured a high-level al Qaeda operative in a raid in central Pakistan, Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat said.

Osama bin Laden is a lot things, but East African he is not.

It’s (allegedly) Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, a suspect in the 98 embassy bombings.

This is interesting

Wonder who else has been captured “a few days” ago and will be trotted out when the time is right?

For more on that news: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=578&e=3&u=/nm/20040729/ts_nm/security_pakistan_alqaeda_dc

I’m just dumbfounded. Could what I was taking as a conspiracy theory actually be true?

From Reuters via The Agonist:

Arrested on Sunday, and yet we’re hearing about it now. Hmmmm…


Of all the coincidences, who could believe the Pakistanis would “catch” a genuine Al Queda terrorist just hours before the finale of the 2004 DNC. :rolleyes: