Bush to search for own head this weekend.

I know the rule of "if you don’t like the thread, don’t read it. But you realize, don’t you, that we’re spending an inordinate amount of time talking about the inside of Dubya’s ass, right? Was that your intent when you woke up today?

Just sayin’.

The Supreme Court?
Alberto Gonzales?


Oh, Bra-vo, 'luc.

I always thought Karl Rove was “Bush’s Brain.” Is Karl Rove up Bush’s ass? :eek:

You know how puppets work, right?

I will content myself with the mental image of our Chief Magistrate. The Commander in Chief of the whole damned country, the Decider himself, perched on the edge of the White House crapper, a copy of the latest super heroes comic book in one hand and a glass of Liquid Plumber in the other. I suppose the next administration will have to clean up the mess. :rolleyes:

Picking a fight, are you? I’ll bash Bush for as long as he continues to kill American soldiers for his legacy, crap all over the Constitution and comport himself like the drunken cokehead he is.

And you know exactly what you can do about your sick and tiredness-- besides a doctor and a good nap-- don’t open the fucking thread, Kool-Aid drinker.

Jebus? :wink:

And I said that all the good ones were taken… :smack:

OK, now we’re up to 12. We gotta prioritize and prune, people.

Why is Cheney going to be in charge?

It’s not like he is a member of the Executive Branch, or something.


Heywaitaminnit! For the short period that he is President, the Congress can subpoena the tar out of him! Get while the gettin’s good!

You know, just the other day I was afraid I might be a sociopath. Now that I feel actual unfaked sympathy for Bush, I realize that I’m not. Let’s hope the anaesthetic takes.

–a mysteriously undigested pretzel.

–Yale class ring, two Heineken bottle caps, coke spoon.

–a pony.

I’ve always maintained that Bush couldn’t find his ass with both hands; thanks for the confirmation.

I’ll repeat myself, since you obviously didn’t get it the first 20 times I’ve told you.

I am not a Bush supporter. I did not vote for him. I just think it sad that this is the only approval you get in your miserable excuse for a life. You bash Bush, others on this board agree with you, you feel validated.

I think he’s doing a lousy job as President. But to pit a man for having a colonoscopy? Bad form.

I. . . I’m. . . so ashamed!

How could I have overlooked this man’s— this mere mortal’s-- delicate humanity. How could joke about Bush having his head up his as when he will actually, really, truely, not even joking a little bit, have a camera up there.

Perhaps we’ll find our Nation’s pride and good standing up there.

Perhaps the skull of Geronimo will finally be returned to its rightful burial place.

Lord Ashtar:

Piffle. We aren’t bashing Bush for having a colonoscopy. We are using the occasion to make nasty jokes about him. Validation doesn’t enter into it, its just good clean fun ragging on an asshole about his asshole.

Oh, and **Big Girl ** rocks.