Bush's Orwellian Tendencies

I happened to stumble upon Mike Malloy while browsing. I accidentally downloaded an mp3 from a radio broadcast.


Man, when hearing this something clicks. I do admit that I detest the pretending president but never have I heard or seen such confirmation of his faschist nature.

Here is the link:


Tell me what you think.

Well, my big problem with Bush is the whole Iraq War. The way he handled diplomacy prior to the war was a joke! I know he was trying to get Spanish support, but did he really have to pay Homage to Catalonia like that? And he was never able to get any sort of popular European support for the war…sure he got Blair’s backing, but it just made most citizens in Europe dislike us. America’s reputation is really Down and Out in Paris and London. I wouldn’t want to travel to Europe these days, with all the anti-Americanism this has caused…I’d be afraid of being beaten up on The Road to Wigan Pier. And why didn’t we try harder to get Asian support for the war? I mean, our ambassador in Rangoon has to do something to fill the long Burmese Days…he might as well do his job! And when it comes to dealing with post-war Iraq, with all of the administration’s beliefs that it would be a cakewalk, Bush seems as naive as A Clergyman’s Daughter. Now we’re stuck there, and there doesn’t seem to be any Coming Up for Air. The Iraqis can’t even feed themselves…we need to give them more money to plant orchards and set up Animal Farms. I’m afraid to say that right now we’re in the same position in Iraq that the Soviets were in Afghanistan in 1984…stuck there, with a population who hates us and no exit strategy. Nationbuilding is like taking care of a houseplant…you need to do it slowly, give it what it needs, and be careful with it. Well, Keep the Aspidistra Flying in, my friends, because so far, we’ve been killing the houseplant that is Iraq.

you’re amazing!

the method of analysis that Mr. Malloy uses is particularly unsuitable to the type of point he’s trying to make. Just because parts of A are similar to parts of B does not make A=B. I cuold be that Mr. Malloy has a valid point, but he doesn’t make it.

Try again.

The method of analysis that Mr. Malloy employs is particularly unsuitable to the type of point he’s trying to make. Just because parts of A are similar to parts of B does not make A=B. It could be that Mr. Malloy has a valid point, but he fails to make it.

That is easy to solve… first don’t reelect Bush. Then pin a Maple Leaf or a sticker on yourself. Its not hard to pass as a Canadian. Make sure to tell everyone you are Canadian with an American accent.

What does it say that “George Orwell” is a pen name for Eric Blair? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please go to about 9:30 into the clip.

Now, when was it exactly that Bush tried to use the Faith-based initiative to promote the war in Iraq?

Why in the world would anybody want to hide the fact that they are American ? You are what you are. If somebody is ashamed of being American, then move, get out. Move to Suadi Arabia, or some other paradise on earth.

So, you and a few others here are basically saying that Europeans are an intolerant, bigoted people, who are likely to cause trouble for Americans visiting there ? If some simple minded Europeans despise Bush, this gives them the right to take out their infantile problems on random American citizens ?

For the record, I hope Bush wins, and next time I travel to Europe, which is probably at the end of this year, It will be fairly obvious where I am from, and if some simple minded people decide to give me trouble, they will wish they had not, because I know how to defend myself.


Thank you, Daisycutter, for volunteering to spread that which makes America great to the world.

Damn, I really wish I could be sarcastic here.

I’d begin to worry if Bush could even pronunciate, “Orwellian.”

He didn´t. He used it for the part; HATE THE RESISTANCE.

The resistance being the political opposition at home.

DaisyCutter. Those are your words.

The point is; are you being manipulated into accepting totalitarian rule?

This is not the first war on terror you know. Here is a famous one.


Note the similarities in tactics here.

No, it absolutely doesn’t.

But I think you’ll find that “some simple minded” actually equals “the vast majority, of all levels of intelligence and comprehension”.

Argumentum ad Populum, much?