Bush's speech tonight, Ayatollah Khomeini's "drinking poison".

You heard it tonight. The tool of the “free market, get government off our backs” advocate begging for government intervention.

Now you understand where the Ayatollah Khomeini was at. It was a decision as painful ‘‘as drinking poison,’’ the Ayatollah said, but one which he was willing to make ‘‘in the interests of the Iranian nation.’’


Speech. For some reason that misspelling always bugs me.

My worry is that Bush’s administration will use this disaster as an excuse to enact a pre-existing agenda, as they did 9/11.

Spell check doesn’t work very well on that word. I don’t want to get into why spell check is an especially useful tool to me. It has something to do with a medical procedure.

(I don’t see any words underlined with red scoring. Is it OK?)

My spellcheck highlights it in red and suggests “speech.”

In a title? Whatever? So I’m a poor speller but I try. Was the message lost? Shoot me.

“Speach” is pronounced like “beach”, as in “Nice spee-yatch, bee-yatch.”

Look, forgetting everything else, Bush is not and never has been on the “less-government-regulation” side of life. I suppose he is pro-less-tax, but he’s been on the side of government intervention in the economy forever. You can think whatever you like about him, but the premise here makes no sense, even for the Pit.

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Bullshit. He’s been behind all kinds of deregulation from the environment to the FCC. His administration has refused to enforce regulations. What kinds of brakes did his administration ever put on the runaway train (Wall St.) that is behind this mess?

This makes no sense to me. I don’t know what he’s said before about financial institutions, but in every single other area in which most people think the government should be regulating something, he’s anti-regulation. When it comes to appointing people to head regulatory agencies, he’s done his best to appoint people who don’t believe in the regulations they’re supposed to appoint – if possible, people who have spent their careers working for the very industry that they’re now supposed to be regulating.

Richard Stickler is a perfect example: 30 years working for BethEnergy Mines, with an unusually high rate of preventable accidents in the mines he oversaw. What’s he doing now? In a recess appointment, Bush made him Asst. Secretary of Labor for the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Really? Can you name the massive deregulation he has been a part of? I HEAR all about this deregulation all the time, but never seen any solid examples of large scale deregulation. Lets see some so I can judge how bad it’s been.

I don’t believe the executive branch is in charge of enforcement, but I could be mixing up my spheres of authority again.

Um…afaik he tried to put some in place, but again, this isn’t the sphere of the executive branch…it’s the legislative branch that is in charge of doing this kind of things and they (Dems AND Pubs) dropped the ball.


Please don’t take it personally; one thing I like about the SDMB is that we try to keep each other on the strait and narrow path to good grammar and spelling. This is a marked contrast to the semiliterate squalor in which most message boards wallow.

If you catch me making any spelling errors, your more than welcome to correct me, and you’d be doing me a favor.

The people he appoints don’t enforce regulations, if they can help it.

Even if I accept this at face value (and by and large I do…all presidents do stuff like this), this isn’t the same thing as massive deregulation.


Will “non-regulation” help, your high pedantic-ness?


It is spelled “straight.”

You’re welcome.


No indeed. That’s why I went to the doctor to get a shot after my last visit to Las Vegas…


So why is the 19-year old story about the Ayatollah displayed on the link?

your should be you’re


We still have to listen to Bush speeches? Sheeshes.

No, “strait” is correct. I did make a deliberate spelling error, though. Please try again.

ETA: Never mind; Nootlin already caught it.