Bushwatch.com: Reliable news source?

A friend of mine is a staunch Democrat (in fact he chaired a county’s Democratic party in the past), and is given to emailing me articles from Bushwatch.com. This seems to be a site which exists to find cracks in the current administration. Now, this thread is not started to start a war between Republicans and Democrats; taking potshots at the other guy’s party is just politics as usual and we can do a pit thread about this if necessary.

My question is, is this site just a rumour mongering site? Are its news articles legitimate? Should I regard anything coming from this site as suspect?

I’m asking because in my friend’s latest email, there are a couple of stories implying that Bush, after he was elected, called off existing investigations of Bin Laden and his family, and that this was done so as not to offend oil interests in the region. Since September 11, of course, this has changed. I have not read the stories thoroughly, but will do so immediately after I hit “submit.”

Can some of our media and political experts tell me anything about this website? Here’s a link:


and to some of the articles:



Well, if you check the original news articles, you see that the reporters stand by the articles. Remember that rumours have sources that do not identify themselves or reporters that are not willing to stand by their words.

Bushwatch is pointing to other mainstream and alternative news sources; Bushwatch is giving their opinion as to what the sources say. I would not call them rumour mongers, the Bushwatch people are only putting their spin to the news; it depends on the reader to accept that spin, so always check the original articles that they link to.