Business casual pants for a fat girl that won't cause crotch-stink after 8 hours?

The nicest pair of dress pants I own have a bad tendency to make my girly bits smell pretty rank by the end of the day. They’re probably polyester but I’m not sure since (for obvious reasons) I haven’t worn them in a while.

I’d like to find a nice pair of pants that don’t cause this issue. Should I just look for stuff that’s made of 100% cotton? Or is that not a guarantee? Does anyone have any specific recommendations (links would be great)? I’m a size 24, petite length.

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I know from first-hand experience that it’s a lot easier to find plus-sized pants in man-made fibres than it is to find natural fibres, so saying ‘Yes, get something in cotton’ is a hell of a lot easier than actually finding something in cotton that fits your body shape well.

Have you tried using a panty liner? Not a full-size pad, but a daily removeable liner.

I’d go with Land’s End 7-day twills. They come in petite plus and you can have them hemmed to order for no extra charge. Not cheap but I think they’re worth it. Always run a google search for “Lands End Coupon Code” before ordering anything. You can almost always get free shipping and sometimes other deals. Get on their mailing list. I just got an offer the other day for 30% off any one item plus free shipping if the total order was $50.

Another thing to do is alter the style so that you’re wearing something that isn’t fitted tightly in the crotch area.

For obvious reasons, if you’re wearing tight fitting pants then it’s going to cause more chafing and smelly bit problems.

Have you considered palazzo-style pants, or even just loose boxy cut business pants instead of the current style of tight-fitting ones?

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I have to admit, Deva Lifewear has a killer palazzo outfit that works for business casual in a light and a heavy weight cotton fabric. They have some very nice colors and are nowhere as floofie in real life. I think the image they use is from an older more muslin like fabric than they use now.

I’ve heard “crotch rot” more often than crotch stink.

Wow, I do want to add this: Since you declare yourself a fat girl, I do notice that fat people tend to wear clothes (various reasons?) that are extremely tight. That can’t help with crotch rot.

Is it possible your clothes are too tight, which compounds the tendency for certain farbics to wreak havoc down there?


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This fat girl does not have that problem; in fact, I don’t even wear underwear and I don’t have this problem. I’m not trying to be mean, but do you shower daily? Wear cotton underwear? Have you tried putting some baby powder down there?

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I second the recommendation for a panty liner. I’m not a fat girl, but I do know what you’re talking about and experience the same if I’m wearing pants that are not natural fabrics, or tights/pantyhose. I use a panty liner and replace it half way through the day.

lol? I have plenty of pants that don’t stink (I smell fine with jeans, cotton pj pants, and corduroys). Yes, I shower daily and wash my external genitals with a mild soap. This is not an issue of hygiene, although my sweat may be more stinky than yours, Bella. I also do not typically wear underwear, but I do wear them when I’m wearing nicer pants–that may be a contributing factor.

Have you never worn a velour shirt and noticed it made your armpits stink more than a cotton shirt? Same principle, different crease.

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I was wondering the same thing.

Unless you are stuck in a pair of tight fat pants for 72 hours straight, I would think it’s a how clean that area should be kept issue. No one should be smelly down there by the end of the day.

Don’t use baby powder, use Vagasil. And wear underwear!

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I have only ever noticed my own brand of lady stink after a particularly vigorous work out. And then, frankly, every bit of me stinks.

But to answer your question, I know that Old Navy has plus sizes. I think up to 28. And they have regular, tall and petite. I get most of my work clothes from Banana, which is owned by the same company, and they have lots of different styles and fits for different body types. I think that Old Navy carries the same styles.

My sister swears by Lands End (one word or two???). I think she is an 18. And all of their clothes are made with natural, breathable fabric. Their clothes do tend to look a little granola… and I am not sure if they have a business or business casual line of pants.

Sorry about your lady bits!

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