Business gift suggestions?

I would like to give something to thank two of my main referral sources. I am a psychologist, and the giftees are a physician’s office (staffed by a female physician and 3 or 4 women) and the manager and business manager of a weight loss surgery clinic (also women). The physician is very health-conscious and of course the surgery clinic is, too, so I am trying to avoid food, which is the easiest gift. Hence my dilemma.

I would like something that they can divide up, so that everyone gets something. Another option would be something they could all enjoy at the office.

And just to make it hard, I have a budget of about $25 per office.

Here’s some thoughts I have had. Feel free to shoot 'em down and add your own:

Gift basket of fun bath stuff (probably trial sizes)

Beautiful bouquet of flowers

Gift basket of … I got nothing.

It’s hard to do without food, which is customary. Do they drink coffee? Maybe some gourmet flavored coffee blends (individual packages)?

Hmmmm…I don’t know, but how about a “pamper yourself” basket with an assortment of stuff, including some coffees, some teas, some bath stuff, etc? Maybe even some healthy food. :slight_smile: