Businessy dress Q: What would you wear a black pin-striped shirt with?

What color pants? I’m thinking solid pants, as pin-striped pants would be clowny with a matching shirt. Dark grey pants combined with the shirt look way too Peter Murphy for the office. I’m thinking a lighter grey? Thoughts?

Well, I would wear it with black, myself. And yah, skip the pin striped pants.

I wear a black pinstriped shirt with black trousers. I also wear it with white pants in the summer.


Boxer shorts and slippers. I’m retired. I don’t give a fuck.

Just kidding!

No slippers.

A black, pinstriped 3-piece suit, a fedora, a silver tie, and a violin case…

Plain pants, of a black or grey variety. Gotta be careful to not mix patterns badly.

What business are you in? I can’t say I would think of that kind of shirt in any conservative setting. Do you wear ties?

Black pants. I wouldn’t wear white pants with it even if it was summer, but that’s me.

I am unaware of the sex of the OP; I’m a female and I wear the white pants :smiley: I also wear it with a white skirt.


What he said. And don’t be surprised if people give you a wide berth.

I have a pair of “bone” coloured pants that I wear in the summer as well, but I don’t know if I would wear them with a black pinstriped shirt - doesn’t the shirt show through when you tuck it into the pants? (I’m assuming it’s a button down shirt, which I only wear tucked in 'cus I hate the way they look untucked.)

Also, white (or bone) coloured pants are one of those things that you have NO wiggle room in - they have to fit perfectly, otherwise the results are NOT pretty. Stay-puff Marshmellow Man anybody? :smiley:

I’d wear it with solid black or gray pants. If you’re wearing a tie (you said “businessy”), keep it solid color, too - white or a shade of gray that doesn’t match the pants.

The shirt in question isn’t “tuckable”. It’s a fitted poly/spandex top (it sounds cheesy - but it definitely is not). It ends about the top of my hip & is fitted with 3/4 sleeves that end in a cuff.

The white pants are white cotton “jeans”; jeans styling, but not denim. The skirt is white denim. I don’t tuck in either situation; the shirt hits just enough to cover the waistband.

I agree re: the fitting of white/bone pants & skirts. I also feel strongly they should be lined.


I’m female and “I’d” do it but “I” wouldn’t do it if I was a guy. Sorry for the confusion. It just works better on women.