...Bustin' out all over...

It’s just poor judgement on my part, really. The new blouse my mom gave me–so very white and crisply ironed–is it wrong to want it to look good? sigh

And it’s one of THOSE kinds of white blouses–just a shade off transparent. But that’s okay, right? Because I’ve got that really lovely, bright white pseudo-wonderbra. Only problem is that…oh, how do I put this delicately?..um…there is a tendancy for my cups to runneth over. Ahem. Like whenever I have to bend over.
This is TMI, isn’t it? Well, anyway. I should have known better than to wear the stupid thing under this blouse…but here I sit. All the while praying that I stay ‘put.’ And my mantra for today?
Bend at the knees, not at the waist.

Although…if I can just sit quietly it looks great.

I’m such a putz. I know I’m gonna get razzed about this, but I guess I deserve it.
Pointless and mundane, I know, but I just thought I’d keep you abreast of my situaiton.

Alright private, you owe Drill Sergeant Xizor 50 jumping jacks, followed by 10 minutes of skipping rope! Now hop to it!

Well, you’ve just destroyed MY chances of staying focused on work today.

Why oh WHY do these things not happen where I work? :smiley:

Struuter, how YOU doin’?

Ow! My aching back! And clumsy me, I dropped all these sheets of technical specs on the floor in front of me. struuter dear, could you get those for me? Thanks. :wink:
[sup]ya know, all you need to do is wear your robe today, and you can bend over all you want. Oh, jeez, that somehow doesn’t sound right, does it.[/sup]

ROFLMFAO! That last bit was hilarious, DW. :smiley:

I’ll know I’m in trouble when people start nodding and saying, “Nice shirt.”

It’s going to be a long day, I can tell right now.

[Martha Stewart] Pert nipples. They’re a good thing… [/Martha Stewart]

Pictures! We need pictures! :smiley:

struuter, if you need any help holding those things in place, just lemme know.

You know, you wouldn’t have this problem if you would just forgo the bra altogether.
[sub]Please please PLEASE don’t let her see through this little ploy![/sub]

You know, after repeated trips to the ladies’ room for necessary ‘adjustments,’ I’m thinking very seriously about just saying to-hell-with-it and taking this blasted thing off.
Something tells me that would not be considered proper office attire.

Thanks for all the helpful advice and offers, though. You guys are just too nice to me. Makes me want to give each and every one of you a big hug.

Seriously, you’re killing me here.

I am so in the wrong job market!

[sub]You still rock, though.[/sub]


Busts are spring out all over …


Very funny. Very funny, indeed. But don’t get me laughing too hard, or that might be truer than you think.


“You guys still feeling warm here? Yeah, me too. I think I’ll just turn the air conditioner up a little more.”

Struuter, thanks for keeping us abreast of your wardrobe dilemmas.

Here’s a suggestion (a boring, practical non~flirty one.) There are bras out there made with a little lacy panel that covers up your cleavage. I have a black one for my down-to-there shirts. :slight_smile: Being lacy, of course, one can see just a hint…

Not TMI at all. The more the better, I’d say. But, ahem, this might as well be an educational experience for you, my dear Struuter so here you go…

From “The Meaning of Liff” by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd:
LUSBY (n.).
The fold of flesh pushing forward over the top of a bra which is too small for the lady inside it. *

BTW, I am naturally very honoured to have my humble verse feature in your sig., but do you plan to update your sig. to feature the re-written version that rhymes your name correctly?