But is it Tax Free?

Is this a museum, a church, tax free, or a crying shame:

creationism museum

Are you driving with your eyes open or are you using The Force? - A. Foley

All I know, after looking at the picture, is that Jordy Verrill should never have messed with that danged meteor.

And furthermore, if those dinosaurs that lived only a couple of thousand years ago walked far enough, they would fall right off the edge into the abyss, because as we all know, the earth is flat.

In my opinion, Ken Ham (the man behind the Creationism Museum) looks a little too much like Dr. Zaius to deny evolution. This guy may be the missing link.

Now that I think about it, Dr. Zaius had some strange ideas about evolution as well. Coincidence?

Am I supposed to believe that all this rain was suspended in mid-air until moments ago?

Perhaps its actually going to be a giant vat of sap, so that millions of years from now, people will be able to see what a swarm of mindless idiots looks like.

Seriously, though, it should qualify as a museum rather easily. I myself will be more than happy to sell them some guaranteed less-than-65-million-year-old dinosaur bones at exhorbitant prices.

I used to think God gave us dinosaur fossils to test our faith in the Bible. Then I thought he gave us fossil bibles to test our faith in dinosaurs. Know I know he gives us fossil people to test the dinosaurs’ faith in the bible.

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Can someone explain to me wtf “the science of (a) belief system” is?

Your brain-in-a-jar,

Imbibo, ergo sum.

You missed one, biblio. God gave the Bible to agnostics to test their faith in humanity.

Here’s a bit on the two “clashing belief systems.” Sort of like a Mack truck “clashing” with a cardboard shantytown if you ask me.

Great site to keep in mind, Sofa King, certainly beats trying to remember all that on my own.

What do you bet the museum sells snake oil in its museum shop?

Are you driving with your eyes open or are you using The Force? - A. Foley