Butt crack stragglers

This could probably end up being a rant but I don’t have the energy.

I have long thick hair. I love my hair. I’m actually a bit of a snob about it. It’s red but not that dark brown that looks like rust. It’s the color of copper. I’m very proud of it. There’s one thing about it though which just drives me insane. This is the butt crack stragglers. Every time I take a shower, loose pieces of long hair wash down my back and get stuck in the worst possible place, my butt crack.

This means that at the end of every shower, I have to spend a couple minutes picking hairs out of my crack. This isn’t usually a problem but it’s not very attractive when I’m showering with my SO, as we do every weekend. He stands there shivering while I hog the water (it helps keep the hairs loose).

I’ve tried brushing my hair before showering to catch any loose hairs but it never helps.

Please tell me I’m not a freak and this happens to everyone with long hair. Has anyone out there found a way to stop this from happening??

You’re not a freak. It happens to me too. As for a solution, I don’t think there is one. :frowning:

Damn. It’s even worse when you miss one and don’t find it until it’s dry.

Viva Los GATOS!!

Yeah, hair in the crack sucks. I’ve brushed before, too, and it never works. My SO makes shower wall art with his extra loose hairs, kinda weird. I make him take it down.

Hell, my wife has beautiful long hair, and I find it everywhere, even wrapped around my savage appurtenance.

I have long hair, too, but I can’t say I’ve ever had a butt straggler. No, what I get are boob ticklers, generally when I’m around other people and can’t shove my hand into my cleavage to remove the offending hair.

Essvee reminded me of something my husband said to me the other day. “Your hair is dangerous.” This, after finding a hair wrapped rather tightly around his “savage appurtenance” (all credit to Essvee for that description). I replied, “Well, I can cut it off, you know.”

Cut off my hair…not his…oh, nevermind.

'nother long ( red ) hair chick checking in.
I “shed” hair like mad. I brush before I get in the shower, I lose hair while in the shower, I brush hair after the shower and still have hairs come out. I, too, hate hairs that stick to the body in the shower.
Every so often I think about getting my hair cut, but then decide against it. I like having long hair. Long, red hair gets noticed.

I have long reddish hair, too, but I dye it blonde.

Butt crack stragglers are the worst! As are the ones that get stuck under your arms and end up in your bra, and ones that wrap around your toes, and the ones that get stuck in the carpet.


The worse ones are the ones that end up in your bra, when they’re dry, and just irritate. And of course, by the time you notice them, you’re in a public place, and you can’t get rid of it!

I’ve also thought of cutting my hair but I keep it to torture my sisters. They both have dirty blond hair. I guess stragglers are my payback for being mean to them.

Used to have waist-length hair, and butt-crack stragglers as well. A quick swipe as I was stepping out of the shower was usually enough to catch all of them. shrug

Just wanted to say, I read the thread title to the tune of “Cat Scratch Fever” and now can’t get it out of my head. Thanks a bunch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you shed more because you have long hair?

Or do you just not notice it when it is cut short?

I’m serious. I’ve never heard of this stray hairs problem before.

The straglers were still there when it was short but they weren’t so annoying. The short ones don’t stick in your crack as well. The long ones can wrap themselves around your cheeks and they’re a pain to get out.

Oh, come on!

170 views and nobody has done this yet??


Well I just had my first good laugh of the day and I owe it all to ** Marine_One**.

Thanks. I needed that.

I suffer from this problem also. It’s weird feeling strands of hair running down my back and sticking all over my body. I find hair all over my apartment and I always have to reach down and clear out the drain a couple of times while I’m showering.

Lieu should be here before long.

This is a sad sad thread— I feel for all of you— really I do. But what about the poor smuck that has to clean out the drains???
that would be me:eek:

Yup - me too (and had my appurtenance savaged by long red hairs)

Dear OG! I thought that I was the only one! I have pretty long hair and I always have to pick it out at the end of a shower. I hate the feeling of a hair stuck in my arsecrack. So I lather up my hands, use my right to get the hairs out if any, and the left hand to wash off the right hand. I really hate it when I’m wiping after I do a number 2 and find my self “tugging” on a stray hair.

euwwwwwwwwwwwww yech. :stuck_out_tongue: