Butt-F*** Idaho

Does anyone know where this expression comes from?

I understand it’s not the nicest of terms but I’ve heard it and used it and never really thought about where it comes from.

Example of how I would use it.

“What’s cable TV”

ans = “Where you from Butt-Fuck Idaho?”

I’ve searched but have come up with a lot of porn sites for some reason :wink:

Around here it’s East BubbleF**k. Don’t have a clue where it comes from though.

Where I came from in the States, it was always Bumf**k, Egypt.

Don’t know the origin, but I’ve always heard it as Bum F**k Egypt, or BFE for short. It basically means far away. “I parked way out in BFE.”

Ok so it’s not a universal term.

I’ll go have a look at the BFE variation and see can I find anything.


I always refer to West Shitwater, Oklahoma.

Just Sharing.

I thought there were insulting terms for a few states like:

Moosefart, Minnesota (my personal favourite)
Dead-dog, Arkansas
Hi Opal

etc, etc.

Kind of funny, but you need someone good at ad-lib invective to make really funny ones. Jarbaby, we’re lookin’ at you.

We always used BFI, although I’ve also heard BFO (Butt-Fuck, Ohio). I’ve also heard “West Bumblefuck.”


In my family, it’s always been Butt Fuck, Arkansas, probably because of the chance euphony with Toad Suck. Most other variants sound really odd to me.

I’ve heard “Bumblefuck” before, but everyone who I’ve used that term in conversation with hasn’t except the guy who I heard it from, and he wasn’t talking to me; part of an a capella group from my school making fun of Dartmouth University.

Another one I’ve heard is East Elk’s Ass Arkansas. I think BFE is probably more common than BFI.

Back when I lived with a couple of ex-Navy guys in a place affectionately known as “The Squid Tank,” located just a few miles short of nowhere, I asked them about their liberal use of the abbreviation BFE. They both said it is a pretty popular expression in the Navy. Can any of our resident fish elaborate?

I’d always heard BFE as in Egypt, though in Davis, CA you could often hear BFD used for a location far from the center of town, probably popular since that TLA has a second meaning.

I can assure you that we don’t have a bum f**k here in Idaho but we do have an Athol.Athol

Just one Athol though.

Then again there is Butte, Montana. The Anaconda Copper Company used to call it the “biggest hole on earth!”.

I heard someone on this board use “Assboink, Idaho” once. Liked that one.

I was talking to yojimbo about this the other evening and I mentioned that I have a vague memory of first seeing this phrase in either a Philip K. Dick, William S. Burroughs, or Hunter S. Thompson book/story/extract. (Come to think of it, maybe I was just obsessed with middle initials that evening.)

Anywho, a word to the wise: googling ‘Bttf**’ and ‘Philip K. Dick’ will always be a mistake. :eek:

I have always used East Jesusville synonymously with Bumfuck, Egypt. That might be a better one to google on.

I’ve heard of Butt-fuck Egypt, Bumfuck Egypt, Bumblefuck, and BFE. All synonymous. I kinda like “West Bumblefuck” though. Like just Bumblefuck isn’t quite specific enough.