Butt slapping in sports

In any given sport you’ll see men (and sometimes women) slapping each other on the butt as a means of congratualtions. Any ideas as to when this started?

“I wish I could be who I was before I was me.”

      • I haven’t ever seen women do it. I see men do it all the time, during sports - but professionals on TV. I want to guess but I can’t find the word: not latent homosexuality, nor dormant, quiescent, potential or abeyant. “Hey Frank, come on over here and let me spank your ass.” -Hmmmm.- I understand that there are movies/videos you could use to conduct research! :^o
  • (Any movies/videos of women spanking each other should immediately be forwarded to me for further study.)- MC

I’ve never noticed this phenomenon in British athletes. most of them are pretty restrained when they do something worthwhile, although footballers get a bit carried away when they score a goal and sometimes try and snog each other. Butt slapping, though? Must be an American thing :slight_smile:

For the benefit of us Americans, what does “snog” mean? And can you be arrested for doing it in public?

      • Any movies/videos of women snogging each other should immediately be forwarded to me for further study. - MC

Needless to say I ran to my dictionary, hoping to find something juicy. Was a bit disappointed:

Snog: Brit. slang - to kiss and cuddle. (Of obscure origin)

The Collins English Dictionary

Trumpy, any idea WHY this started?

MC - ROFL. (Please send a large SASE).

What I’d like to know is, why is the practice of spitting so prevalent among professional baseball players? Oh, I know - the chewing tobacco thing - but good lord, they do it constantly (even when they are scratching or fondling themselves). A playful “go gettem, Tiger” swat on the fanny I can understand, but spewing saliva and god-knows-what-else all over creation just makes me sick to my stomach. The other day, my 8-year-old son and I went to a minor league game, and the kidling went down to the fence at the bullpen to get a pitcher’s autograph. The sumbitch ceremoniously spit at my boy’s feet before refusing the request. What a great way for baseball to win new fans, eh?

Hell, they’re all gay.
Everybody knows that. :slight_smile:

To hell with the field, you should see what we do to each other in the locker room :-Q

I think it’s just a goofy guy thing. Even in the musical I was in the guys would all be butt-slapping each other before the curtain opened. We brides (We were doing the production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”) watched in amusement. Then my friend slapped my butt! So all of us brides were doing that, too. Luckily it was all in goofiness, because it’s very awkward. I’m not into butt-slapping, I guess.


I wonder what the king is doing tonight?

Organized sports are a great big excuse for very, very closeted men to touch each other. The rule is that if “straight” men touch each other, it has to hurt; that way it doesn’t count as a turn-on.
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I doubt it really has anything to do with homosexuality. The closest guess I can see to it is if you punch a guy in the arm, you could break it. If you slap a guy gently across the face you could blind him. But if you slap him on the butt well, for most of us there’s a lot of padding there and less chance for accidents.

You don’t actually buy in to that ricockulous crap do you??? I expected much better. Guess what Honest Abe is gay too.

As for why it goes on. My guess is that when guys are standing next to one another, or a coach is sending a player onto the field their hands are hanging at their sides. An ass is at the same height and is the closest thing for a quick gesture of encouragement. Men aren’t vocal, and a pat on the back/backside or a high five are more genuine. Fact is a man’s ass is no more sexual to another man (straight of course) than his biceps. Any implication otherwise is nothing more than a punchline to a joke.

Waitasecond. I want to get back to the Brittish football (soccer) players snogging each other. Are they really kissing and cuddling each other on the field? Gawd, that’s gay! Next thing you know, they’ll have their hands all over each other’s asses… oh.


Well, when I played sports, especially football, as slap on the ass was a sign of “good job/go get’em”. As I was initiated into the world of varsity high school sports, the slap on the ass was just that, no homosexual content implied. As somebody mentioned, the ass is the right height to smack when playing football (because it’s not covered by pads). I don’t know how it started, but when I started playing football as a freshman, all the older players did it. When I was an upperclassmen, I found myself doing the same thing without even thinking about it. Maybe a practice of ‘Monkey see, Monkey do’. But the Monkeys were hooking up with the girls that the high school detractors to the practice wished they could’ve have.

Well put Six

Gawd, it’s about time i got into this fray. The practice was started and essentially coined by that ever so famous coach of the Notre Dame fighting Irish, Knute Rockne, who basically started every trend in modern football and most in modern, American Sports. Oh, and have you ever listened to the name’s of the positions - Tight End, Wide Receiver, slotback, defensive back… each and every one has a sexual undertone. Cheers.

For those of you who are hardcore football fans, forgive me if i’ve gotten his name mixed up… i always do that, it’s like robert denior and al pacino… alway get 'em mixed up.

Sincerely, SDStaff hopeful

Rory, your smoking crack. I need to let everyone else know that none of that is remotely true. The names have a completely common sense origin.

Since the buttons of some football athletic supporters are being pushed… I’ll add fuel to the homoerotic fires…

At a high-school level summer football camp in Middletown NJ (yes, this is a true news story reported last week in the Asbury Park Press) the seniors hazed the freshmen by:

  1. Making them play nude Twister©.

  2. Punching them in the genitalia (while they were being forced into nudity).

  3. Using the freshmen as living bowling balls by greasing up their nude bodies with liquid soap and sliding them down the tiled hallways.

I’m sure you can see why it became a news story now that the parents of the freshmen are suing the camp administrators and coaches.

And you all thought Boy Scout Camp was gay!

Oh, did I mention an old acquaintence who claimed his first experience of being fellatioed was in the high school football shower room?