I saw the word “butthurt” used in another thread and it reminded me that I meant to pose the question: “Where did the term ‘butthurt’ originate”? Personally, I can’t stand it. I get (I think) that it means “agitated over,” or “annoyed with,” or “pained about” but I just think it’s a stupid term. “Butthurt” - it sounds to me like some sort of reference to homosexual sex. Either way it just conjures up really unappealing images for me. Does anybody A) know where the term originated, and B) have a problem with it being used in its usual context as I do?

Never thought anal sex/pain. If anything, kicked in the butt.

I suspect you’re right, it is a crude reference to anal sex. I also agree with your distaste for the term, but as it has entered our culture, you might as well bend over and take it…

A) no idea
B) I also don’t like it, not for any explicit reasons though. It’s just dumb.

Or a painful heterosexual act. I’m thinking that you pretty much understand it’s meaning correctly. Why wouldn’t it conjure up images of a painful sexual experience (for probably most but not all people)? And no, I don’t care for the expression either. Or having my butt hurt.

And it will keep happening with other words and phrases. BOHICA.

I always thought it was a reference to spanking. Someone acting pissy after they got verbally whipped online is acting butthurt. Because their butt hurts. Because they got spanked. Someone who’s feeling butthurt because they were anally penetrated dry deserves our sympathy, not our scorn.

It means more than “agitated over,” or “annoyed with,” or “pained about”. It’s along the lines of “cry baby”: no one’s disputing the bad thing happened to you, it’s just that you’re going somewhat overboard in your reaction to it. Also, there can be the sense that you kind of deserved it.

Previous thread, in which I think Manda JO gave the best definition

and Dave Hartwick linked to http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/butthurt for the origin.

This has come up a couple times here. For reference, this is the most recent thread, which the anti-gay slur angle is explored. I never read it that way–I’ve always interpreted it as being related to getting your ass literally kicked or to get spanked.

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It’s a mighty stretch to get to a homophobic interpretation of the term, but if you’re gonna be all butthurt about it, I guess your entitled.

If someone reacts with anger to a post, you can make them more angry by exclaiming that they are butthurt.

– Trolling 102, advanced trolling

Now that you mention it, I think you have a point. I still think the term totally sucks, though, and is not one that I’ll be using at all if I can possibly help it.

I think that what is most unpleasant about it is precisely that it is used as a way of invalidating someone else’s suffering. It is a nasty way, to which there is no good comeback, of saying your pain does not count.

FWIW I always assumed it was a reference to anal sex, but the “spanking” explanation some people here are giving makes sense.

Except I always associated with a ridiculously large over-reaction to something. Not invalidating someone’s suffering, but calling out someone’s whining about something that is just no big deal. Examples can often be found in ATMB threads. :slight_smile:

102 would be intermediate trolling at best, if not a continuation of basic trolling.

I think it’s funny, and if it pisses-off the person I’m taunting with it, then all the better.

It could also be the result of having your undies in a twist.

There are certainly some things that I would rather didn’t cross the Atlantic.

Isn’t that the term that will get you stabbed if you use it in Panama or wherever?

Yeah. I always interpreted it as being along the lines mocking someone for over-reacting. “You lost a football game (which is trivial), but you’re reacting as though you were anally raped (which would be awful).”