Is "butt hurt" an anti-gay slur?

I don’t understand why someone having their feelings hurt is referred to as “butt hurt”.

Think “pain in the ass”.

Ok, then what? :confused:

I always read it to mean “pissy in the manner of a small child who just got spanked and is acting indignant over something that was both petty and well deserved”.

When someone is a pain in the ass they’re super irritating to you. Butthurt is used in the sense of having one’s feelings hurt instead, so I don’t think they’re connected.

Huh. I always thought it was an anal rape reference.

I was also under the impression that it was an anal rape reference, initially used in gaming to refer to a sore loser who “got raped”.

I always thought of it as anal rape as well.

A site called Know Your Memes has it as originally referencing a spanked child, or just being a crybaby.

Please note this form for reporting your butthurt, and how it has no tick boxes for “I was raped in my butt.”

Um… wow no I never associated it with being anally raped. I always thought it was just referencing having gotten a spanking and feeling all sad and like life was unfair and all that, about it.

This makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

Just because it originally meant ‘spanked’ doesn’t mean chan4 hasn’t changed it into meaning ‘anal rape.’ Cf. ‘surprised butt sex.’ It’s also (now) meant to indicate someone ‘taking it’ in the manner of gay anal sex, adding in that extra bit of homophobia and feminization for good measure to belittle someone.

It’s an insult with many layers. It’s very deep.

Even if it is a reference to unwanted anal sex, I’m not sure it’s homophobic–I assume most if not all male homosexuals are against anal rape.

I’ll second that, despite thinking it was implying anal rape, I never picked up any homophobic undertones.

I never thought it was an anal sex reference. I thought it meant somebody had their butt clenched up - the old Freudian thing about somebody being anal retentive. It’s the equivalent of saying somebody is a tightass or has a stick up their ass.

I’m curious as to why the OP thinks it’s a gay slur. Don’t straight people have butts? And don’t they sometimes use them for sex? And isn’t that sex sometimes nonvoluntary, as in rape?

What does your cite have to do with “butthurt?”

I imagine that if we combine the fact that for many people (including me) it has an anal-sex reference, and that the percentage of gay men engaing in anal sex is much, much higher that the percentage of striaght men doing it, we get a not-really-gay-friendly phrase.

No. It’s not.


The quoted part above is actually controversial.
In recent years, anal sex has gotten a lot more popular with straight people.
Engaging in anal sex is NOT a universal thing among gay men.