Here I am, minty green. Something you want to say?

I don’t think I was out of line in this thread but apparently you think I was. So, what would you like to say?

Yeah. Don’t accuse me of wishing for the death of U.S. servicemen or the failure of their missions, asshat.

Yeah, and don’t you dare accuse ME of that either, turdburglar.

Here’s what I said in the above-linked thread, and I stand by it:

I notice that aside from getting all huffy about my supposed smear against him, minty green has yet to rebut any of the points I’ve raised.

Who the hell are you? If you want to join us in Great Debates, feel free. Otherwise, your “me too” is kind of lame, pal.

Bolding mine.
That is a repugnant anti-gay slur. Its use as invective demonstrates what a bigoted subhuman you are.

Turdburglar is an anti-gay slur?

I just imagined it being a Copraphiliac version of the Hamburglar.


Using an adolescent slur without thinking of the ramifications makes someone subhuman???

I always knew those punk teens on weren’t human! Ha! Who “0wnz j00” now? Not so l337 after all, huh?

Actually, it is a reference to kleptofecalmania.

I’m so glad you can make light out of such hatred.

Its used in the same fashion as fudgepacker, shitstabber, stoolpusher, fartknocker, bonesmuggler. Which are all extremely offensive and derogatory remarks aimed at homosexuals. Nigger and fag are also adolescent slurs so that makes them acceptable in your mind?

And I’m glad you can make stupid out of such triviality.

Or are homosexuals the only people who can steal feces?

Please establish that Eternal is in fact an adult of your obvious knowledge and understanding, as so therefore should know better than to brandish such slurs in the pit.

I would like to roint out that “disasterous” is not a word. Maybe you mean “disastrous”. Carry on.

“roint” is not a word either. “point” is a word.

sailor: “point” is a word. However, I believe that “roint” is also a word. It’s a schoolboy taunt meaning “your mother is being probed by aliens”. How dare you. You should be ashamed.:slight_smile:

I am thinking it would be easiest if all members on these boards were given a special icon by their name:

H = homophobic

G = gay or gay friendly

U = uncertain/undetermined

That way someone’s post could be compared to their sexual-orientation-tolerance/support status, to find out if the person was being sarcastic/funny/offensive/self-deprecatory, and a lot of misunderstandings and misplaced offence could be avoided. And likewise half of the threads in the Pit in recent weeks.

I hope to think I am a G - gay friendly.

Now we just need a judging committee to determined the sexual-orientation-tolerance/support status of every poster. Nominations welcome.

Admirable sentiment, istara.

Trouble is, when someone prefaces a statement with:

“I don’t hate gays”, or

“I dont hate [some religious group]”

The next word is usually “but”.

It’s the same as if someone prefaces a statement with:

“I’m not a lunatic”

It goes on from there how they’ve discovered perpetual motion, etc.

C’mon, now! You guys are hijacking a fight!

Jer-RY! Jer-RY! Jer-RY!!

Ah, Desmotylus - the beauty of this system would be that people don’t choose their own grading, it gets awarded by a special committee.

So everyone starts with a U, and only gets the Glorious Golden G once they’ve proved their gay or gay-friendly status.

“Subhuman” is a term used by Nazis and white supremacist. It is a repugnant slur. Using it as invective just goes to show what an asshole you are.


Who now expects Mr. Hypersensitivity to proclaim that “asshole” is an anti-rectal slur and call in the ADL (anti defecation league)