What is the definition of trolling according to SDMB Mods?

To my knowledge, it means attempting to lure others into combative argument for purposes of personal entertainment and/or gratuitous disruption. Or by extension, to incite anger, or to provoke, or harass or annoy.

In the thread linked below I had no intention of luring others into combative argument. Yes it was about personal entertainment and for self-amusement. But it absolutely had no intention to annoy, harass, provoke or anger others!

Why in the God’s name did you consider it trolling? It was of a little curiosity and self-amusement. Why are you getting angry at those who post a few unserious post? :frowning:

Intentionally posting inflammatory stuff, like your OP. As Colibri said, it was so stupid it had to be trolling.

If something is inflammatory, it is likely to make people feel angry. On the contrary the thread linked above was so stupid that it was unserious, frivolous and funny, not that it was a troll thread. I don’t understand why you think it was going to make people feel angry.

Why did you say “African” instead of “someone with a big dick”? Do you think all African males have dicks bigger than all non-African males?

It is called humor. I don’t think all African males have dicks bigger than all non-African males but I can remember I have been told by my biology teacher that African males tend to have bigger ones, not only penis but bigger body parts because of climate.

And it is populated in my society that when you first think of an African male the first that will come to your mind is their penis size. Maybe it is because porn industry? Who knows?

Now my posts is offensive to non-Afriancs males? or African males? or what?

Did you even stop and think that maybe it was some Jew who had stuck his nose up your wife’s unit? I mean, really. There are other possibilities than African cock!

It was both stupid, and likely to make people angry. It was clearly playing to the stereotype that African males have big dicks, and bound to attract negative commentary - especially since you asked if you could tell if your wife had been cheating with an African because of it. I don’t believe you are so culturally ignorant that you would be unaware of this.

General Questions is for the purpose of providing factual information. While we permit some joking, asking a question for the purpose of “personal entertainment and for self-amusement” is not in keeping with the intent of the forum.

Being disingenuous about not knowing it would be offensive is not going to help your case. It’s just more trollery.

How is that possibly “humor?”

You had a biology teacher in High School who claimed that “African males” had bigger penises?:dubious:

How quickly was he disciplined for doing so?

Around these parts, you’ll find no one is afraid to see your subtext, and say so.

Trolling = anything someone else doesn’t like

It used to mean something different, but that’s pretty much how it’s used across the internets now.

You seem to be delusional and/or paranoid. There is NO subtext in my posts.

Because it was not a racist or negative statement, she wasn’t disciplined. Moreover, unfortunately you will most likely be not disciplined for something that you do wrong in my country, especially for racist comments.


@My lord, **Colibri **, I will answer you soon. I need to get a few “items” that have “resistance to disingenuousness”. For why I cannot main my sanity against it.

[Moderator Note]

gvozd, insults are not permitted outside the BBQ Pit. Don’t do this again.

I can hardly wait.:wink:

Delusional and paranoid are not insult. You are only trying hard to find a reason to ban me.

No need for him to try hard. You’re doing an excellent job all by yourself.

If you want to avoid being banned, pretending that you don’t understand what those words mean and that they aren’t insulting isn’t going to convince anyone that you’re not trolling. Quite the reverse, in fact.

Speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.
A disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or action.
verb. offend - affront - outrage - abuse - hurt - injure
noun. affront - offence - offense - outrage - abuse - indignity

In my country, delusional is normal. Is not insult. Sister is delusional, mother is delusional. Is sad day all over American countryland when delusional become insult.

Actually, it is a racist comment.

Anyway, what country are you from where high school biology teachers regularly instruct their students that “African males” have larger penises?