gvzod has to be a troll

See here.

This … person … can’t be real. The mix of odd grammar, appropriate grammar, and internet chat slang and strange posts can’t be anything but trolling.

Not possible.

I am many things, but not a troll.

I’m thinking he could be an immature, misanthropic + misogynistic, emotionally abused young Turkish man.
Be hilarious to see what happens if he finds the right crazy woman and comes back to the board after two months of sexy time 8 times a week.

Interesting. Just before you edited, I read this:

“I am not troll.”

Not making any judgments, mind you, just sayin’.

It’s a grammar miracle!

I am not bound by adjectives.

I dunno what he is but he makes me laugh. “Curse my insatiable appetite for sex! How can one man endure such agony?!” Hahaha. I like to imagine his posts in Douglas Reynholm’s voice.

forgot misandristic… Of course, misanthropic probably covers it all…

I do the Borat voice, personally. Except more of a depressed version.
Hopefully gvozd finds true love with a bulky woman who is strong on plow, resistant to gypsy curses and wanting many of his angry, fun-grammar babies.

On edit:
Seriously, I WAS that guy. I want him to be happy!
Except… I was charismatic and fun from 15 to 17, and had a decent amount of sex, followed by depression from 18 to 22, followed by early-career happiness and as much sex as I could handle… followed by marriage.

Don’t see why he can’t satiate his desires. His sister is number four best prostitute in Kazakhstan!

He doesn’t want it, after his cousin broke out of retard cage and raped her.

Surely I love mothers of you two.

Which two?

By the way, how is babby formed, anyway?

If anyone actually thought he was a serious poster, I feel sorry that you are so dumb or naive.


My mother, she like slowly but surely!

What do you mean? She likes the state of being slow or she likes in a slow manner?

I love this country!