Button links with static sessionID=4cc9cf19... error?

Normally you only should see session-IDs if you’re a nameless lurker and/or browse with your cookies turned off. However, the StraightDope logo and
the user cp, register… buttons do always contain a session-ID in their links, and it’s always the same (and different from that in the other links)!

Other vBulletin boards of similar version number don’t behave like this. Could it be the cause of the “logged out unexpectedly” problem? It probably would interfere with keeping track of sessions. Anyway, maybe you want to check your page templates.

…Sheesh, I just searched through the threads which I save locally after posting. This bug has been with us since March. I can’t be the only one having hovered more than once over the links thinking “Gee, it starts with a 4 again?” - Nobody ever really noticed it before?

Uh… nope. Sure didn’t.