"in stock" bait and switch?

Lately I’ve had a series of items show as “in stock” at go to
“on order” then “we’re trying” status. In most cases, the item continues to be shown as “in stock”.

Seems like “in stock” just means, please order and we’ll see. Do they just aggregate the purchases and then try to make a deal with the manufacturer?
Do they experiment with different price offers and then “out of stock” the lower ones if they get enough orders at a higher price point?

I know they don’t really have “stock” in the way a real store does.

Most recent example: Netgear MR814 router. Ordered last week, “sent to warehouse” for a week, then detail shows “on order no info from manufacturer”. Meanwhile, continues to be listed “ships in 1 - 2 business days” on the site.

Cancel requested…ordered, will ship today, less than 24 hours after order.