Buy Kathy Reichs' new novel, 'Devil Bones.'

It’s only been about a year this time.

she still writes to slow.

I was reading the new one last night, having finally made it past that fabulous acknowledgements page (better there than the dedication page :eek: ), and y’know what? The kid ain’t half bad. I would proudly put her up against anybody else in the mystery field, past or present. Except Raymond Chandler, but I think she’d agree.

Your wish is my command!

She tends to Blackberry, especially when on a book tour. A collection of her emails could fit on a matchbook.

Cool! Thanks so much, Mike. It’s nice having an “in” with one of my favorite authors.:wink:

bought book, read book, liked book. when is the next one?

i enjoy the science she puts into the book. not to much, so you don’t get the feel of reading a text book. just enough so you can understand how she works and reaches conclusions.

katy should learn the lesson of : the most interesting tidbit are found in mountains of data. a case in court could be turned upside down or won due to that tidbit.

A reviewer of some John Grisham movie complained about the time spent showing the leads making photocopies. I thought it was the most realistic part.

(embarassed look) Haven’t finished the new book yet. Can’t say what the next one about, especially since I haven’t gotten any updates since it was in the planning stages. Can’t say what I helped with, because I can’t. Can say about the current one that I think I might’ve influenced the name of one character, the girl named Takeela, because while researching something else I ranted about what sort or person would name her poor little daughter Tequila.

I’m cringing thinking about tonight’s episode after the season finale, but I think i bought myself a free rant–I just found a high school friend Kathy hadn’t talked to since 1970. I’m King of the [del]Lab[/del] Web!
Updated because the board was down: WE’RE NUMBER ONE! WE’RE NUMBER ONE!

Opening at Number 1 on both NYT and Times of London. See London here: TLS - Times Literary Supplement

New York will come out in a few days.