Buy your MiGs here!

The good news is that starting bids are $14,800.

The bad news is…

Wow. That’s over 800 gallons per hour. Not to mention getting them airworthy, maintenance expenses, transportation costs, insurance, etc.

Anyway, here’s what’s on offer: Yak-18s, MiG-15s, MiG-17s, MiG-19s, MiG-21s and four Mi-4 transport helicopters.

Something’s screwy with that fuel burn figure. Unless the wiki is wrong, the MiG-19S has a internal fuel capacity of 570 gallons, yet a max range of 864 miles. (The wiki further mentions a ferry range of 1367 miles with drop tanks, so I’m assuming the max range is without them.)

With that fuel burn, you’re only getting 570 gallons/(822 gallons/hour) = ~40 minutes of flight time, and you’re not going 864 miles in 40 minutes unless you’ve got one hell of a tail wind. It won’t even go that fast (1250 mph-ish) at altitude, in full burner, but if did, its fuel burn is going to be a touch higher than 820 gallons an hour.

I imagine a MiG-17 would be a total blast to blaze around the sky in though.

I once owned a Russian motorcycle. :eek: I can’t even imagine owing a Russian airplane.

Even $20m isn’t so much for one as static display at a museum. Any idea what international shipping would cost? I’m guessing more than the cost of the plane but couldn’t hazard an educated guess.

My Russian *watch *is crap.