Buying New Clothes

How often do you go shopping, intending to buy new clothes? This would include all articles of clothing, including shoes, socks, underwear, etc.

I buy new clothes when my old clothes wear out. Yesterday, for instance, I found out I only had two functioning pairs of day-to-day long pants left, so I went out and bought four more.

I also occasionally buy cool T-shirts I see online.

I voted ‘at least once a month, if not more often’ but I probably buy myself one new item of clothing weekly or fortnightly. Definitely once a week if we’re including shoes, handbags, scarves etc. If it’s only actual clothes, then probably once a fortnight.

Only when I have to.
My daily clothes are about function, so usually sweat pants and shirts in the winter and shorts and t-shirts in the summer. When I find something I like I buy several of them, pants and shorts are always dark colors. I wear them until they wear out.

I have dressier clothes for going out and to weddings and such. Most of them are gifts, my family loves to shop even more than I hate to shop. So twice a year, Christmas and Birthday, I will get nice clothes.

Only when I have to, but if you include “throwing a pack of socks in the cart while at Wal-Mart”, and especially if you count “throwing a pack of socks in the cart while at Wal-Mart for someone in the household”, that’s more than 4 times a year. Probably averages out to once a month at that point, as I have a growing toddler.

If you mean “How often do you leave the house on a dedicated trip to get clothes?”, that’s a lot less often, though even then it’s more dependent on weight fluctuations than on seasonal ones.

Every month. I’m fashion forward. :cool:

I went with “only when I have to” which is probably an average of four to six times a year. Shoes, socks, panties and bras I always buy new, maybe once or twice a year. Other stuff, just clothes, I thrift just about all of it a couple times a year, save for a special occasion here and there I might buy new if I don’t find exactly what I want from thrifting.

Mostly “only when I have to” altho I’ve been known to pick up and item that happens to catch my eye, just because. However, since it’s not intended, I guess that doesn’t count for the poll.

I see clothing as a necessary evil - apart from the societal expectation that we be clothed, it’s an environmental item. I don’t follow fashion. If something is comfortable, covers what needs to be covered, and doesn’t have to be dry-cleaned, it works for me. Thankfully, my lifestyle doesn’t require me to get gussied up very often.

Absolutely only when I have to. And I wear what I own until it is falling apart, then throw it out.

My gf is the opposite. She buys clothing very frequently, often wearing something just a few times before donating it as gently used.

I try to do a shopping run (usually online) once a season. I am having to replace some of my pre-baby clothes and adapt to a more professionally dressed office, so it’s been more like monthly lately.

I hate shopping for clothes, so I’ve actually started exploring clothing subscription boxes that will (hopefully) just send me things without me having to think too much about it. I’ve subscribed to:

  • Splendies: sends you 3 pairs of random cute underwear every months.
  • Hautelegs: Send you 2-3 pairs of hosiery every month. You pick one and they pick the other.
  • Golden Tote: Send clothing, much of which is by a popular designer from Anthropologie. You pick out one or two pieces, and they add 2-3 or 6-7 of their choice. Seems amazing if you are a fan of that style.
  • Stitch Fix: They send you 5-6 pieces of clothing picked out for you based on a style quiz and (if you choose) a Pinterest board of style inspiration. You can try them on at home, by what you like, and send the rest back.
    Elizabeth and Clarke: Sends 1-3 high quality basic black or white dress shirts of your choice a quarter. Apparently very high quality.

Anyway, I just started this project so I won’t get my boxes until next month, but I am hoping this helps me keep my wardrobe current with minimum time investment and a predictable monthly cost.

Very rarely. There’s maybe once or twice a year where I will actually clothes shop for myself, but, more often, if there’s something new in the wardrobe, it’s because my wife bought it for me.

I said “only when I have to” but that’s not entirely true, as I sometimes also buy when I want to. But it’s not very often, and it varies a lot.

The “have to” is when stuff wears out or I gain enough weight for things to be uncomfortable or unflattering. That varies a lot, as clothes wear out at different rates.

The “want to” is when I see a great tee on ThinkGeek, or I pick up a souvenir sweatchirt on vacation. Sometimes it’s when I realize that everything I have left that fits is grey or red, and I should really add some new colors to my closet. Or when I need something for a special occasion like a wedding and my old “fancy” stuff looks out-of-style. Those purchases are a couple times a year at most, I’d say. I don’t have a ton of money for new stuff, so I try to restrain myself.

Now, only if I have to. It was different when I had a 9-5 job among other people, but now that I work at home and don’t socialize so much, I don’t need new clothes as much. And my partner doesn’t care what I wear.

I stupidly thought I would be in the minority when I said I go clothes shopping only when I have to!

I thought you would be as well. Seems I’m doing enough clothes shopping for the whole board. I’m planning on buying a pair of shoes tomorrow - first thing this week! (See how restrained I can be when I want to?)

I’m not sure how to vote. I shop almost exclusively online. I am a non-standard size, so I am constantly on the lookout for clothes that might fit me.

I have found a few retailers that consistently make clothes that flatter my shape, so I have ‘liked’ their Facebook pages and get their updates in my news feed. I’ve also found some fashion bloggers of a similar shape, so I get their updates as well. If I see something I like, I’ll click through and consider ordering it.

So I guess I don’t really ‘go shopping’ as such, I’m just constantly receiving alerts about clothes I might be interested in.

My shirts are almost always in light colors, especially for the warmer months.

I think I buy more pants and shoes for work than I do for the rest of my rather meager wardrobe. I wear out work pants rather quickly, so to me it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of on them. I must buy 4-5 pairs in the course of a year. Shoes? If I could afford it I'd pay for a decent pair, but I can’t so yeah, I replace work shoes as much as I replace the pants.

Outside of work, I’m very utilitarian – jeans and t-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts, yoga pants, sweat pants, capris or shorts during the summer. I might go on a binge and buy multiples if I stumble across them, but no, I don’t go actively looking for them.

I have very, very few dress clothes. I’ve been known to run out at the last minute to buy something for an event, like the sweater I bought 20 minutes before my FIL’s wake.

I buy new clothes once or twice a year. I like and need clothing, but I’ve developed a phobia of clothes-shopping to the point where my husband has to “help” me by preventing me from leaving the store without trying anything on. Even then, I can only shop for ten or fifteen minutes before freakout.

Sometimes I buy clothes online. They usually don’t fit and then I either try to get them altered or just give them to Goodwill.

What causes the freak out? Frustration or what?

Yep, frustration. I don’t have the patience anymore to try on twenty items to find out that none of them fit. Not to mention the stuff that’s cheap, ugly, poorly made… I mean, I guess there’s stuff out there for me, I just can’t go through the horror of trying to find it.