Buying tampons

OK, guys, let’s have a logical explanation. Why are you all so embarrassed to buy tampons when we ask you to? It’s not like the clerk’s going to go “Oh, he must be getting his period!”

SO what’s the big deal? I mean obviously your buying them for a girlfriend/wife/whatever, right? Doesn’t that make you seem more studmuffiny than less?


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I’d buy tampons.

A) It would show that I had a g/f.
B) It would show what a caring guy I am.

I wouldn’t ask my husband to buy tampons for all the money in the world- I have yet to find myself in a situation where I was completely out of them and needed my husband to go get them. If I were a man, I would likely be embarassed to buy them, too.

For what it’s worth, I probobly wouldn’t buy my husband jock-itch medicine, either.
Just my 2cents

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My husband buys them for me. He claims that I am the first woman he ever did this unbelievably difficult task for. [tongue-in-cheek]I felt soooooo honored.[/tongue-in-cheek] You’d have thought I was asking him to climb Mt. Everest, the way he reacted the first time I asked him.

He says that once he got through the first time, it wasn’t so bad. He realized that all the clerk was going to do was ring the damn things up, give him a total, and stand there until he paid her. Woohoo. I also told him that if any women happened to see him carrying the tampons or pads, they’d think he was a sweet, wonderful, caring guy, and he’d get chased Beatle-style out to the car.

He’s still waiting for that to happen, but he still buys my tampons.

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I’d rather be the guy buying tampons, than the guy buying a Penthouse and a box of kleenex.

What you want to ban me for writing something funny but its ok for some bitches to share there rag stories?

My hubby will buy tampons, or anything else for that matter, and not think about it twice.

I asked him once if it bugs him to do that for me and he gave me ‘the look’ and replied " why would it?".

What a guy…

Well, can you guys tell me husband this then? I can’t get him to buy me tampons, no matter how much I beg him. When we first started dating, I can’t tell you how many times I went to the store to buy condoms for him to use, yet he still will not buy me tampons because he thinks it would be too embarrasing. I keep telling him that the cashier could care less what you buy. They have much better things to talk about. For example, can you believe what that lady was wearing?? :slight_smile:


Flee at once, all is discovered!

Doesn’t bother me because my wife seldom has put me in that situation. What else can a nosy clerk figure out from a guy buying tampons? If I get a truly clueless look from a total brain donor then I simply say “They’re great for shaving cuts”.

…send lawyers, guns, and money…

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I often buy dresses, bras, pantyhose, panties, shirts, etc for my women friends. It’s no biggie. I even ask the women sales clerks what size is small, you know?, 5, 6 ,7. Sometimes I would say shes about the same size as the clerk is & they give me the right product. No no, I don’t ask for tampons that way. silly.

What woman here would say that when she sees a guy in the store buying tampons she thinks he is a caring guy? Maybe the guys seeing him would think that, boy, what he is putting up with! [just kidding].

I have a wife and two teenage daughters, so purchasing feminine products has long since ceased to be a problem for me. I’m even comfortable with asking people in a store I’m not familiar with (the store or the people) where to find them, which almost got me into trouble once.

You see, the question I usually ask when I’m looking for, say, a can of chili sauce is “Excuse me, but if I were a can of chili sauce where would I be?”.

Yea but mabey if say there was a cute cashier working and you said “Where can i find a can of chilli,and if I were a tampon where would I be?” she may think it cute or playful and want your number, hell man thats a fuckin good idea it may get you laid one day, hell I think I’ll try it! Hey thanks man!

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not saying anything at all is encouragement for me I dont want to read what you have to write anyway.

Y’see, this is why it is bad to sniff glue when you are pregnant.

Anyhoo whoever said they buy tampons for their daughters…OH GOD!! When I was a teen, if a commercial for feminine products even came on tv, I was mortified if my dad was in the room!

I went to great lengths to hide any evidence of menstruation. Of course now in hindsight, the conversation probably went like this:

Dad: Where is Kelli?
Mom: She is puking and moaning on the bathroom floor.I heard her praying for death a while ago.
Dad: Cramps again?
Mom: Yup.
Dad: Anything I can do?
Mom: Just pretend you dont notice.

Any man who buys tampons for his woman is a true he-man in my book.

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::rushes out to the store to buy box after box of tampons, so he can look like a really caring and sensitive guy::

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I’ll wager there are two reasons why a guy might be reluctant to buy tampons:

  1. Squeamishness about the product itself. Personally, I look on them as a fact of biology that ya gotta deal with, so why be intimidated, but I know there are guys who think the opposite.

  2. A guy, by himself, buying a little pink box of tampons looks very very whipped. “Oh, look, his master sent him out to buy tampons!” It’s a pride thing. Again, this doesn’t bother me, but it does bother some.

I just remembered a cute story that my husband told me about buying pads. There’s this drummer he knows, and he was talking about how one time his girlfriend asked him to buy some pads for him. The drummer expressed no reluctance whatsoever, and the girlfriend was a bit surprised, because she was expecting a little hesitation on his part. Turns out the drummer had been buying them for several years, to use as padding inside his bass drum. He claims the industrial-sized ones, like women use after they’ve had a baby, work a lot better than the pillows that most drummers use.

Well, I thought it was cute, anyway.

Changing my sig, because Wally said to, and I really like Wally, and I’ll do anything he says, anytime he says to.

Oh man, I grew up the only male in a house full of women! I am the tampon buyer extraordinaire! I remember one time they all got it at once and I’m there like, “OK, one box of extra heavy, one box mixed, you like the ones with the special applicator right, sure you don’t want any panty liners with that, scented or unscented?” The clerk had to help me out to the car with all the feminine hygiene products I got that day!

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Many years ago (long before we met) my husband lived in a house with three women (rent sharing, not bed sharing). He got over any squimishness about buying feminine products, or discussing feminine-type body functions. A fact that still amazes our female friends to this day.
He’s very special.