Bwahaha! Switzerland wins the America's Cup!

Landlocked Switzerland King of the Sea

Yes, the Geneva Nautical Club has steamrolled the previous Cup holders New Zealand in a 5-0 final to take home the America’s Cup yachting trophy. I find this hilarious.

Hee hee hee. :stuck_out_tongue:

i find it a bit amusing as well. i wonder where they will hold the next race.

Okay I watched the entire event, from the LV Cup on. It really was sad.

NZ couldn’t even complete half the races. They made the French team look good.

It’s funny to an extent, but it should be noted that the Swiss crew only had 3 Swiss among the 16 of them. Most were Kiwis.

If an excentric Dutch billionaire bought the NBA All Star Team, had them naturalised to Dutch, and sent them to the Olympics where they’d win gold, would Holland have won the Gold Medal in basketball?

I mean, I can see hiring a good (foreign) skipper, or navigator. But a whole crew existing of foreigners, save three? It sort of weakens the victory, IMHO.

Most crews are made up of foreigners. It’s the way the sport has always been.

Just look at One World. Paul Allen wanted to sail under the flag of the UN.

New Zealand’s sailing coach is from the US. Their boat designer is from the US. They had an Aussie on board.

Alinghi has 8 Swiss on their team list. Six of which sailed in the Cup.

Are there any Dutch billionaires? And if there is one, and he’s an eccentric, I’d suggest he focus on the Brazilian national side. In football.

There was that guy who had the freak smelting accident…

It would be interesting to see how the other teams would get their boats there, should it be held on Lake Geneva, However, as the article points out they’ll almost certainly find a suitable Mediterranean or Atlantic port to host it. Party poopers.

My anger burns with the intensity of a 15 watt bulb. You wanker. :slight_smile:

Other than that, well, point taken, obviously it’s customary to take on a lot of foreigners. What I wanna know is, where are the Dutch? We used to rule the Seven Seas, dammit.

Hell, even back in the 80’s, there was the Philips Innovator, which I think even won the Whitbread. The last endeavours I noticed on TV were made with a Dutch team using a South African skipper, a few years ago.

Where has this once fearsome seafaring nation gone wrong?

And, more importantly, how on earth are we ever going to win the world cup so I can “nyah-nyah” ShibbOleth? :wink:

I’d be more impressed if the Swiss hadn’t blatantly cheated. Yes, that’s right, cheated! See for yourself!

The nerve of it all. I don’t even know where to begin. :mad:

Bwahahahhahaaaa :slight_smile:

Talk about cutting off your opponent!

Since Switzerland is land locked they should put it at the Isle of Wight, sight of the first race.

But I bet the nicer weather to the south will draw them there.

I hate to sully this discussion with a factual question, but since we’re on the subject, jr8 raises an important point:
Why couldn’t the race be held on Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne, or the Bodensee?

And even as Osiris lobbies for it, the BBC reports on it:
Isle of Wight considers Cup bid


But really considering the major players in the crew won the cup for NZ on the last 2 occasions, NZ still won the cup they just had to wave a swiss flag while they did it!

and just because I feeling a tad bitter may I just add.

Russel Coutts Brad Butterworth and the rest of the “tight 5” should have their passports revoked and be forced to go live on a sharp rock on top of the Matterhorn never to see the beautiful Hauraki Gulf ever again!!! BASTARDS!!!

I’m sure I will be over this by Wednesday :slight_smile:

Amen calm kiwi. amen.

Tho’ I guess it means we don’t have to listen to that bloody song anymore. I will miss the cup - I liked how vibrant the viaduct became.

[sub]wanders off sadly, still cluthing a ‘Loyal’ flag[/sub]

Poor Dave Dobbin they went and made the whole country sick of his song. Loyal=Look Our Yachts A Lemon :frowning:
Ah well at least we have the SDMB to cheer us up, read the TMI thread it made me feel better :slight_smile:

Sorry, manx and calm kiwi, I’m glad the Auld Mug’s on the way north. The whole sorry circus was what it obviously was all along – facile corporate one-upmanship and, on the part of the organisers, poor sportsmanship when they wouldn’t allow the Swiss flag to fly from the Harbour Bridge (funny how they hadn’t any similar probs with Italy’s flag, when they faced off Prada a tournament ago).

Enough Auckland ratepayers’ money has been poured into the “Woo! Lookit me!” extravaganza. Sorry, I can’t be sad because the rich boys have lost another toy to play with.

But, true – it was a case of Kiwis in a good boat, versus Kiwis in something that was a joke.