C K Dexter Haven, act your age!

The very idea of trying to come up with an April Fool’s Day joke. Don’t you think you’re a little old for such shenanigans. I’m sure you have more than you can handle moderating (and I use the word loosely) Cafe Society.


Man, they disappeared that thread fast! I might have been one of the few to actually gotten to read the whole thing before poof.

CK, you’ve got balls, dude. That was awesome!

Yeh, that was…

That was…

:confused: :smack: :eek:

Did anyone catch a screen shot?


Dang, I came to the Dope first thing this morning specifically looking for April Fool’s jokes, and I missed one?

Or this thread is the joke?

A joke pitting in The Pit! Man, you better use your awesome mod powers before Lynn gets here.

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if that starts the next Big Deal on the SDMB. Hopefully he gets more than just a months suspension for that stunt.

link? wtf is this shit? cut the crap and provide a link, shithead.

i get it. a joke pitting in the pit, which is against the rules. wtf ever quit wasting our fucking time.

a) Switch/Pull/Take

b) Decaf/Stick from Ass/Chill Pill

Take one from a) and add one from b). Feel free to mix and match.

I can only give this one a C- or maybe a C, Cajun Man. Yeah, you got me, I actually searched for all the threads CK started, but for it to be a decent prank there has to some way for me look back and realize I could have known it was a prank. Seems reasonable to be that CK might made a prank thread.

Good practice though, maybe next year you can manage a B or B+ level prank… :wink:

C’mon, Cajun Man, you got no sense of humor. It was only a joke, for cryin’ out loud! You didn’t need to delete it entirely. Coulda just closed it. Or moved it. Why are you always so damn serious? You’d feel better and they could probably loosen the straps on that white jacket, if you’d just smile once inna while.

Incidentally, Wikipedia has rounded up a host of today’s pranks online and in the other media.

You know, C K, some of us actually take this moderating gig seriously. If you just want to act like an immature asshole, maybe you should get a job moderating the Immature Asshole Forum over at Yahoo Groups. I’m with Cajun Man on this one, 100%.

LOL, pwn3d!

I get it. Another jerkass who can’t be assed to use his shift key.

Switch stick from ass? To where?

Dex, use the freakin’ SHIFT key on your brain, man!

You think you can really get away with this? Tuba and Lynn are gonna be on your ass so fast and hard you’re gonna think you’re in a reducing salon, dude!

You’d better apologize to everyone on this board immediately. Via e-mail. Personally. This crap deserves nothing less.

Not just no, but hell know!

It was judgment call, and I did the only sensible thing.

Whine, whine, whine. Crab, crab, crab. Whine some more.

Nice. :rolleyes:

Way to take constructive criticism.