WTF, C K Dexter Haven?

From here:

So you’re basically saying that Miller is a Bay Area homo and Weirddave is a blue-collar idiot. but they need to cool it with the pokes and prods in Cafe Society. You couldn’t have just told them to chill without adding your own thoughts? What you said about both of them was a lot more offensive than anything they said about each other. They never called each other effete or boorish; those were your words. And don’t even try to tell me that anybody who has been on this board for more than a few months didn’t know exactly which one of your insults applied to which poster. Not cool at all.

At least Weirddave apologized for his impromptu rant. I don’t suppose I can expect as much from you?

I don’t beleive CK Dexter insulted Miller or WeirdDave, I think he was just restating what they called each other, paraphrased a bit

What makes you think he wasn’t implying that Miller is a blue-collar idiot and 'dave is a Bay Area homo?

I agree with Taber. CK Dexter wasn’t insulting anybody, he was paraphrasing the insults hurled by the participants. An inartful pitting, and mistaken as to the intent of the pitee. 1/10

And CK Dexter gets +1 in the bullshit pittings category for the Mod Olympics.

No, he’s saying that I think Weirddave is a blue collar idiot, and that Wierddave think’s I’m a Bay Area homo. He’s not expressing his opinions about us, he’s summarizing our opinions about each other. Or at least, his perception of our opinions about each other. I don’t really have an opinion about the color of Wierddave’s collar, and wouldn’t use “blue-collar” as a derogatory anyway. He is right, however, that I shouldn’t have been sniping at him in CS. My apologies to both Dex and Wierddave.


Oh, thank you so much for scoring me! Sometimes I forget that this is the Flame-Olympics and not somewhere we can post our disagreements with other posters!

I know what he was saying, and maybe you think that of each other, but I didn’t see either one of you say it in that thread and I thought he was putting [somewhat offensive] words in your mouth.

Well done, Miller. :slight_smile:

I like it my way. Because what’s the OP, some kind of bigot?

I have to say I’m kidding here, but I don’t want to use a smiley. I have to because if I don’t, someone will earnestly try to argue with me.

And on preview I see it happened anyway.

Fine. Here.

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Well, see, that whole posting disagreements with other posters thing? That’s kinda what I did, since I disagree with this pitting on the basis that CK Dexter did not insult anyone, as acknowledged by one of the participants. I scored it because that’s my gimmick. The score was low because this pitting sucked.

Here’s a rolling eyes guy for you: :rolleyes:


Yeah, **CKDH **read waaaaay to much into those posts. Especially Miller. He never said one thing about anyone being borish, while Dave’s comments couldn’t have been directed at **Miller **since he made them (and apologized for them) long before **Miller **entered the thread.

Nicely done, Miller. Top marks.

Your gimmick was played out years before you got here. I almost added a note requesting that no one score it, because it’s not a vitriolic attack pitting, but I thought, nah, no one is unoriginal enough to do that anymore.

Well, fuck it. I wanna be a Bay Area Homo. I tongue kissed MattMcl on the New York subway, and my choice for Godfathers for my son was a gay couple, but that’s simply not good enough. What do I have to do???I’M A BLUE COLLAR IDIOT! My life is over. I suppose I’ll have to buy a Chrysler truck and a hound dog now. shame

BTW Miller, my posts in that thread were EXACTLY what I said. I said something badly, realized it, and clarified. It was no more and no less than that. Seriously.

Oh, come on, Cisco. Even if neither of the those two posters had hurled those particular insults, C K Dexter Haven could have used the expressions he did merely as an example. Have you never heard of example?

I agree it was pretty pointless for C K Dexter Haven to voice what he thought they were calling each other, but by the same token…

Aren’t you in a way doing the same thing you just accused him of doing?

One might look at it that way, though I disagree. First of all, I’m not telling them not to insult each other in this forum out of one side of my mouth, while insulting them out of the other side.

Secondly, when Taber said (and Oakminster agreed with him/her):

They were wrong. If they had read the thread they would’ve known that Miller and Weirddave never called each other anything, and CKDH made that up out of whole cloth. Restating what he called them and paraphrasing a bit is, however, what I did. I think there’s a difference, you’re welcome to disagree.

Oh, c’mon, Dave. I know what you do. You’re a White-collar idiot!

I’m all about the love, man. All about it.

I just reread the thread and you are absolutely right they never personally called each other, unless you could make the bad argument that Weirddave insulted everybody in the thread, but he quickly recanted anyway.

I still think it is disingenuous that you put words in his mouth, but yeah I think your argument still stands and it doesn’t take away that much from your greater point.

Examples of the poking and prodding:

… et al.

I agree that my post was not as clear as it might have been, and my apologies for that. The single line about Weirddave and Miller should have been a separate paragraph, so that it was clear that the following line about name-calling was a general statement and not exactly what they were doing.

I don’t hang out in MPSISM, but “nice backpedal” is used in GD all the time. Is it perhaps that the two posters in question have a history of going at each other, maybe even implying the very insults that **CKDH **mentioned in his warning, and that influence the warning itself? “Sharp as a tick” I can see as an isult, although not like one in the examples.

Because even if the examples had been written in a seperate paragraph, there would have been no question who he was talking about.