C K Dexter Haven, Come on Down


Do you really think that this is the time to be joking about privacy? Quite frankly, given your remarks in all the threads on the matter (especially the ones that are currently down the memory hole), you’re the Administrator I’m worried about the most. Tuba’s either going to be too proud to continue on after her public chastisement or is going to be on a short leash with the Reader. You, on the other hand, have repeatedly shown the inability to understand that she did something Seriously Wrong, that it doesn’t matter that most of the information was available to anybody who went looking for it, and that it doesn’t matter what the nature of the information was.

How you avoided being a subject of the Reader’s review is beyond me.


The same could be said for you. Weren’t we asked to not post about the troubles?

But you did.


Dex has simply be cranky lately.Its “that time”. Just offer chocolate.

I know this thread will get locked, but I just want to say that I did not find CK’s choice of the word “bizarre” to be flippant or dismissive. “Flummoxed” would be an appropriate synonym.

He does seem disturbingly blasé about the incident, however.

IMO, if the Reader was serious about establishing a formal relationship with SDMB, a temporary suspension of the involved Moderator would not be a result of this.

Not only this, and I feel awful contributing to this thread, but I feel it needs to be said that you should have some humanity and lay off the chap(s), especially Dexter, for awhile. Expecting humility from them at a time like this is both ignorant and spiteful; let them deal with it their way, including obeying their reasonable demands. That includes, like Reeder says, to shut up, don’t open up threads, and continue on with your normal posting life.

Seconded. I had a brain fart 4 pages into the last closed thread, and posted about an issue Cecil directly asked us not to discuss at this time. I think we’ve been given enough heads ups and warnings at this point that we should all know better than to crank up yet one more thread on this issue until it’s resolved adminstratively.

Show me where I mentioned the troubles during the ban. Specifically, I didn’t speculate or try to circumvent, which were the two things that Dex asked for. In the explanation thread, I specifically didn’t rehash the original events beyond what Ed said were the facts of the matter.

This thread, as well, is not about the unpleasentness, but about Dex’s continued dismissal of the seriousness of the unpleasentness. Believe me, there are posts of his that I wish I could quote to support this position better, but they’re currently down the memory hole.


I wasn’t even referring to this thread jerkwad.

Why don’t you just go away?

Wow. What a humorless ass.

IMO, if the Reader was serious about establishing a formal relationship with SDMB, only a temporary suspension of the involved Moderator of administrative rights would not be a result of this.

I know, you were referring to my thread on Friday that didn’t mention the unpleasentness, didn’t provide speculation, and didn’t provoke others to circumvent tha ban. If I had directly violated the administration’s order, don’t you think I would have been warned?

Because then your mamma would get lonely.


My mommas dead…enjoying yourself?

Well, I assumed she was your momma…she said her name was Mrs. Reeder.

Playing the equivalent of an annoying game of “I’m not touching you” with admins is not a particulary wise thing to do.

Give me a fucking break. I thought I was dealing with an adult here.

My bad.

Stop it!

Let him do it all he wants.

It will be one less asshole to deal with here.

Actually, as smartass comebacks go, his wasn’t bad.

It’s been done before by better people.

So this jerkwad isn’t even original.