C-span2 should air more classic convention footage

As one of the few who loves to watch C-span’s retrospectives on past political conventions, I must say I am disappointed in their programming for this year. During the Democratic convention this year, they only aired the acceptance speeches of the Presidential and VP candidates. In prior years, they have show a convention retrospective which included major convention speeches. This year, they will not show the other speeches at each convention. I wish C-span would reconsider. I’d rather see Mario Cuomo at the 1984 Democratic convention than Walter Mondale. Footage of the 1952 Taft-Eisenhower floor fight. Reagan/Ford nomination battle in 1976. Some of the coverage of the 1968 Chicago riots. Ann Richards’ keynote speech bashing George H W Bush. Reagan’s farewell in 1988. Nelson Rockefeller in 1964.

C-span…consider airing some of these great moments.

Oh well, I can’t wait for the debates. Their classic debates programming is amazing.

Anyone else a political junkie that misses these?

I’d love to see Reagan’s off-the-cuff speech from '76.

I’d like to see whatever survives of the TV coverage of the 1948 election. I know for a fact that at least some footage of Election Night 1948 survives at the UCLA Archives.

They showed only some fragments of Tom Dewey but they had all of Truman’s acceptance speech.

They weren’t lying when they called these conventions smoke filled rooms. That is one of the first things I noticed: Everyone was smoking inside the convention hall.