C.T.S.A. (Compulsive Thread-Starters Anonymous) Meeting

Hello, my name is Bubastis, and I am a compulsive thread starter. I first noticed I was compulsivley starting threads a few weeks back, when several posters and some moderators told me to stop posting so many fucking threads or they would kick the crap out of me. i was sick; I had been starting maybe four threads a day, asking questions I didnt even want to know the answers to! It was really cutting into my free porn searching time. Since then, I’ve been trying to cut back. I managed to limit myself to two or so threads a day; better, but not good enough.
I needed to go cold turkey.

It’s been well over a week since I posted my last thread. with a bit of luck, I’ll make it till March without posting another.

Its been a hard road, I’ll admit. There have been many subjects, many questions that have floated into the cesspool of my brain. i’ve had to bite my tongue on several occasions, stopping myself before I post another thread! Google it, Bubastis! Google it, I told myself. And the pit… Sweet, sweet pit. Where would I rant? Who would listen? How could I blow off steam? Ah, a minature Zen garden? For me? Little rake, sand, pebbles… I’m in madmans heaven. hey, maybe the guys in MPSIMS would like to know about my zen garden? i could start a Zen Garden thread! (Stop it, Bub. Get a grip! Remember, sometimes theres Mundane, and then there’s MUNDANE).

With your help, I’ll get through this. I’ll be better than ever! You can help by reporting any thread i post to a mod to have it closed immediatley! But, fellow poster, do not report this one… leave it open so that others who share my sickness can say their piece.

Till then, i’ll supress my compulsive desires, and stay out of the pit, where my Madness runs unchecked, and I pit innocents with glee, cursing profusley in my insanity. No more!

Well, unless that big Russian prick Omega Red that works out in my gym keeps pissing me off… He keeps that shit up then he is in for a pitting, I don’t care!!

You Have Fallen Off The Wagon

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Feel free to recommend this thread to anyone you feel is an over-curious member of the board, whose obsessive thread-starting is causing problems. We are here to help…

Nah, everyone with this problem should just start their own thread on it.

Is this one of those quack “cure-all” programs where you completely immerse yourself with whatever your’re trying to avoid?

No, that’s this thread. :slight_smile:


Good one.

(you know, I’ve been avoiding that thread for days now and it just keeps popping up seemingly everywhere I turn)