CA Fire: What's the threat to Rancho Bernardo?

I’m living in NorCal trying to keep track of the fires, but I haven’t been able to get onto the CA emergency bulletin website for the last 36 hours. All the interactive maps I find are frustratingly vague. All I know is that, according to the KGTV website, the 78, 52, and 67 are closed, essentially boxing in RB.

My mom lives in RB but is out-of-state right now, so I’m monitoring the house. I called one of the local evac centers down there (my mom’s church, actually) and they said RB is currently safe, but couldn’t tell much more. The non-emergency police lines are busy, and I don’t necessarily want to tie them up when they have more serious things to worry about.

Can any SD dopers give me an update about what the status is for RB? Last I read, the fires were E, S, and NE of there, but with so many fires, the news (understandably) tends to concentrate on the hardest hit. I need to entertain the real possiblity of going down (on the 15) and grabbing some stuff before things get too serious if there’s any genuine possibility that RB’s in danger.



I can’t say for certain, but most maps I’ve seen of the Cedar Fire (that’s the one that is of the greatest size) seems to indicate that it is heading east and south, so I would think Rancho Bernardo would be passed by.

But no one is really out of the woods yet.
This is a map of the fires from 9:00 pm Tuesday the 28th. From the news reports I have seen the fire is burning east So it looks like Rancho Benardo is OK for now.

Thanks! That’s exactly the kind of map I was looking for. I assume that that map is updated daily…?

I also find it grimly humorous that Lake Hodges is depicted as having water in it (since the stretch running under the 15 has trees growing from the bed almost as tall as the overpass).

I grew up in SD so my thoughts are with all the Dopers (and citizens in general) down there.

You really need to go to the union tribune website for updates. Lately there have been links to maps of the fire but you have to look for them. The link I gave you was a direct link to the map I assume that specific link will not get updated.

Fire maps, if you need them: