'CA is a retail only state' - eh?


My first thought is that they are selling you junk sunglasses for $8.95 (the ‘shipping and handling’ charge) - just like a regular scam.

One thing that caught my eyes though, was ‘not valid in CA’. On the questions page, they say that CA is a ‘retail only market’- is this more b.s.?

Assuming that they are selling junk, why would they pick CA, the sunglass capital of the world, to be invalid?

The entire thing looked strange to me.

A friend of mine is the mngr of a major sunglass chain. She says they are cheap knock-offs.
FWIW, cheap sunglasses are worse for your eyes than wearing no sunglasses. They are just dark plastic ‘lenses’ that do not block damaging rays. The darkness causes your pupils to dilate letting in MORE harmful rays.

As long as we’re quoting friends –

A friend of mine is an online merchandise broker. He used sunglasses as an example when he was explaining to me what he does. He said that all premium sunglasses are sold on consignment and what is being offered at those substantial discounts (all the way down to free) are in fact name-brand, top of the line sunglasses. But they’re the ones nobody bought that were returned to the manufacturer unsold. He said they will send them out two or three times for sale, each time to a less prestigious retail chain. The ones left have been picked over pretty well.

His role in this process was to buy them in bulk from the manufacturer for less than a penny each and sell them to online retailers for a few cents each. At this point he mentioned that one of his secrets to success was that all sales were final. When the purchaser couldn’t unload his $60 value sunglasses for $1, reaping obscene profits, he frequently tried to return the merchandise. No dice.

Pluto, sorry if passing along info from a friend, who I felt qualified to a legit opinion, rankled you but I’ll stand on my post. Take it for what it’s worth.
Having been to parties, conventions, etc with my friend, I know many dealers of reputable brand sunglasses. After your post I called a few. Not one of them said that their company sold sunglasses on consignment.
My not-so-WAG is that your broker friend is passing along his sales pitch to you.
After reading how 'Oakley’got started, a friend and I toyed with the idea of marketing our own brand of lenses. After a few calls overseas, we found a couple of companies who would make glasses to our specs for pennies a pair, provided we bought in a big enough quantity. Even offering to copy exactly any pair we sent them.
Finally, any 16 yr old can tell you that at least a few of those pictured are Oakley knock-offs (fakelies, they call them which can be bought at any flea market). You can tell they are not real as there is no insignia where there should be. Reputable manufacturers do not copy each other so exactly.