cabin feaver

Cabin fever is setting in hard. I have had since early January but is usually gets worse around Mach. The sun is starting to shine a bit brighter so I don’t wonder if I am gonna jump off the 900ft buff 10 yards away anymore. Now I am just mostly sure I wont. I stare more. And don’t care if I smoke out my house with the wood stove. And sometimes let the fire go out for days. And just enjoy the shivering All my water is frozen. I like to super clean my cabin then toss shit on the floor. I sometimes split my wood naked in 10 degree weather. I eat root vegtables and canned salmon. I do have a special someone that has the same issues. We spend a lot of time together it helps.

Will you be mad at me if I tell you it’s 70 degrees outside here? Because I really thought this winter was going to kill me.

Mach 1? Mach 2?

So, you and your special someone, do y’all ever saw naked with one of those 2-man saws? That’d sure help keep the ol’ cabin nice n’ toasty.

Try getting a SAD light.

The SAD lights help a little with the depression. Sometimes they seen to Just almost counter the fact that you are siting in front of a light box. Sometimes sitting there in font of the box is more depressing than the boxes ability to overcome. So it is better to not use them.

As I said though it is getting lighter. So depression is not such an issue anymore. Just the cabin fever crazies.and it seems for most people to peak about early mid March. Then quickly goes away.

I do have a two man saw. Maybe we will give that a whirl. She just got electricity to her cabin a few days ago. Damn it was dark over there. We hang out with headlamps on he rare occasions we find ourselvs there. Wonder if I am gonna see her less now that she has light. Doubt it.

I have gotten women to my cabin by saying g I have TP, electricity, and a fire. I have to cook for the hard to get ones.

Its all different in the summer though but that is still so far away. Hence the cabin fever.

Does it help if I tell you that you got a big laugh out of me with that one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t underestimate the power of soft TP …

It is not like I am severely depressed. Just going crazy. I find my mid-level depression and situation hysterical.

My motto has been to embrace the season. I line up the right clothes for the worst and this is what I go out in each day. I am never cold. However, I have been concerned about issues with falling on the ice. So for the first time in my life I have a treadmill inside that I can use on the worst days. Trouble is, the treadmill has become addictive. Now I put in two hours on the treadmill and still go outside almost every day for a workout.

Bottom line: Exercise has eliminated all hint of cabin fever for me.

I literally had to cover my fucking mouth to keep from laughing my fucking head off at work. Jayz but that parted my dentals.

Hang tough, Bubba. Better days are near and for whatever it’s worth, when I lived up there getting rigorous exercise, like cross country skiing, kept me safe from the dreaded “feaver”. Just like Senor Bundy. Fare well.

Exercise, reading different stuff, doing volunteer work and simply breaking with routine can make a big difference in curing cabin fever.

fifty-six, I know what you are going through. This is the winter in 22 years that I haven’t suffered from the same cabin fever. I moved back home from Kodiak on December 6th. Spring is peeking around the corner already with bulbs up and leaf buds swelling. Hang in there, the longer days are coming and you will be one-up on me; it will be dark here at 10:00 instead of a few dim hours in June.

It is that antsyness in Feb and March that is a killer. Everything is still frozon solid but the sun is out. It is like the buds are swelling in me as well but is is still fucking winter for months. The awesomeness of summer is still long away. That is what is all about for those that don’t know. Nine months of winter and the ecomony accompanied with it can be wearing. This is the hardest one yet for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the winters. Tourists miss out on the lights and stars and storms. The comraderie of the locals and getting to hang with friends that are to buzy in the summer is warming. But five months in and two to go is crazy making. The seasonal workers are starting to run out of money. Wood piles getting low. As welcoming as it is the sun almost seems painful to my squinting eyes. Growing tired of the friends I will miss a couple months from now. Sex seems like effort. But spring that ellusive one month thing brings it all back. Sill almost to far away to think of.