Cable TV in Rockford, IL?

OK, I know I’m taking a pretty long shot here, but are there any SDMBers who subscribe to Insight Cable in Rockford IL?

If so, have you purchased the digital tier?

Do you use/like LocalSource? On-Set? Did you buy any of the programming tiers?

What do you think of the pricing structure? How would you change it?


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I thought you lived in New York.

I thought he lived in NY too!

I don’t live in Rockford, never been in Rockford, never really thought about going to Rockford… but I know someone who used to live in Rockford. This someone was my cousin, he went to school there for a year then dropped out to sell key chains in a Detroit mall. He’s a big guy too, about 6’6 and 300+ lbs. I call him Big Matt. Just thought you’d like to know.

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Hey, does anybody have cable in Aurora, Illinois? If so, there’s a cable access show I want you to tape for me.

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I do live in New York.

However, my job is to loan money to below-investment-grade (read “junk”) companies all around this wonderful country of ours, and indeed sometimes to companies in other wonderful countries.

Rockford’s rollout of digital cable is using a different pricing scheme and a different product lineup than other digital rollouts I have seen. I’m curious to gauge customer reactions.

But because I’m not invested directly in the cable provider in that area, it is not worth my time to haul out there and ask around. And the experiment is in too early a stage for a sell-side firm (think brokerage house v. money manager) to report on it. So I thought I’d try here.

And by you asking and me responding to “Does he live in NY or IL?” we have brought this topic back up to the top, allowing an whole new set of SDMBers to see the post.

So thank you! :slight_smile:

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