Cafe Society Confessions: What's yours?

I consider R.E.M. to be my “favorite band” simply for the amount of songs I enjoy by them.

  • But I HATE ‘Losing My Religion’, and love ‘Shinny Happy People’.

In a similar vein, my favorite artist is Bob Dylan, and I think that Blowin’ In The Wind is one of his weakest songs. I once heard a radio interview with Van Morrison in which he was asked about Brown Eyed Girl, and he replied with something like :“What’s up with that song? I probably wrote 300 better ones.” And he was right, just like Dylan probably wrote 400 better songs than Blowin’.

I thought Fences was a pointless vanity project and I was annoyed for having seen it. On top of that, I think Denzel is highly overrated and only has one gear. This movie is pretty highly regarded so I thought I’d put it here.

To add some positivity to my post, I thought The Edge of Seventeen was award worthy.

There is nothing unique or confession-worthy about my favorite band, it’s Queen.

Silly Love Songs is one of my all-time favorite McCartney tunes.

I once made Thanksgiving gravy from a packet, because the bird was too dry to generate any drippings.

I consider E.T. to be one of the worst, least kid-friendly movies ever made.

I dislike The Princess Bride (yeah, yeah, inconceivable, I know) and loathe The Big Bang Theory.

On the flip side, I enjoy fast food and stupid fluffy romance movies.

Dances with Wolves is one of my favorite movies ever.

I’m on board with many of the changes to the Lord of the Rings movies, including no Tom Bombadil and no Scouring of the Shire. Interestingly, I never really liked those part of the book before I saw the movies.

I don’t care if some movies are historically inaccurate, I enjoy the movies themselves, like Braveheart and Sound of Music.

I prefer instant grits to real grits.

And what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know?

“No self-respecting southerner uses instant grits.”

  • My Cousin Vinny.

I’m even worse… I’ve never cared much for Murmur. To me, it’s “Radio Free Europe”, the weird one about climbing the stairs, and 10 interchangeable janglepop songs that all sound the same.
And… I like Monster.

And while I freely admit Phantom Menace sucks donkey balls, I actually enjoyed the other 2 prequels. They’re flawed, but not the abominations the internet insists they are.

Good Burger was a hilarious comedy.
I like fried Spam.
I grew up on Top 40 music and I love it.
And probably because of the last one, there are classical spurts of music that I love very much but not whole damn songs. They are too long and get stupid boring after a while. A Little Night Music is about as long a classical piece that I can take.

I think Pentatonix is an amazingly brilliant group, and I love maybe one-tenth of their stuff. I am totally not interested in any of their modern, pop, hip-hop covers. I’ll listen to some of their Christmas songs, some of the ones they’ve written themselves, Hallelujah and a few other all day long, but if I were to buy one of their albums, maybe one or two songs would make it onto my MP3 player.

As do all good people.
I have tried to watch Breaking Bad. Seriously, I have. I made it through several episodes but *I just don’t care! *:o

I enjoy watching Popeye (yes, the Robin Williams/Shelly Duvall one).

Despite fair ratings and making lots of money, I find the new Star Trek reboot (all three of them) to be below average in entertainment, science fiction, and logic.

Have you seen them?

Jurassic Park III is the best JP sequel. (They’re all pretty substandard, though)

Newhart is one of my favorite TV series of all time. I rewatch it on youtube all the time. I hate the ending, where it’s all a dream. I feel like it undermines the whole series.

I’m a mathematician, and I loathe the concept of “pi day”.

As a young teen, I was waaaaaay too into the song sometimes when we touch. I’m fortunate that my crooning of this tune to my girlfriend didn’t drive her away.

Though she still forbids me to sing it in her presence, over 4 decades later. And she’s right to do so.

I will sing “Brandy” in front of her, though.

I know remarkably little about the vast majority of TV shows, pop music and movies made past 2000 or even a little before that. That isn’t some bullshit hipster thing either because I am not one.

I like TV, music and many movies but I just never get around to watching the newer stuff because I would have to sit down and focus and that is usually too much work so the depth of my ignorance on those is astounding.

For instance, I was thinking just the other day that I should watch those “new” movies, The Matrix and Fight Club that I hear so much about. I even own them but have never gotten around to watching them even though I could at any time (it isn’t going to be tonight though). Almost everything is like that with few exceptions. I am 43, not 80.

The only movie I have seen in the theater is the last three years is Finding Dory and I love watching Spongebob Squarepants reruns. I have kids but those are my picks, not theirs. I also think Titanic is the best movie ever made and I never get tired of it.

I confess, I agree with this wholeheartedly.