Cafe Society Confessions: What's yours?

But what does your wife say?

“Wonderful Christmas Time” is one of mine, and one of my favorite Christmas songs too.

As for R.E.M., “Losing My Religion” is an OK song but I have never liked the video, let alone figured out what’s so great about it. I know it has great lighting, etc.; I just don’t get the “instant classic” thing.

I can’t get into Young Frankenstein; I’ve tried to watch it many times and never laughed at any part.

“Murmur” is my favorite R.E.M. album, and has been since I first heard it a couple weeks after its 1983 release.

The least popular R.E.M. song, per the band’s aficionados, is probably “Airportman”. I love that song, and always have.

I didn’t think “Blazing Saddles” was funny either.

I was over thirty when I watched my first Spongebob Squarepants episode, and I still think that the show was a work of genius. Squidward is the best and funniest fictional misanthropic character I’ve ever encountered.

OTOH, better don’t ask me about Titanic…

I’ve seen all good people eat their Spam each day, so satisfied I’m…no, no ,no, it just won’t do.

Oh Qadgop - oh no.

Brandy I can get behind, but that song? Yeah, that would be cause for revocation of your Man Card.

I detest Seinfeld.

She and my girlfriend from HS get along marvelously, being the same person.

That’s a good thing. I would not get along at all with the person I was in high school.

Hair metal is infinitely better than grunge

I have not seen a single, full episode of The Simpsons.

Mine, too. I also like most of Tom Cruise’s films and Mel Gibson’s movies.

I don’t understand all the hate for Nickelback. I’m not saying they’re in the same league as the Beatles but they seem like a decent rock band that’s put out some good songs.

I think Harry Potter is stupid, and I can’t believe adults who otherwise read real things enjoy it, let alone act so enthusiastic about it.

I never win at Risk. Ever.

I agree. But then again, I have already confessed to liking “bad” music.

Yeah. Same goes for Mad Men.

Rush may be the most overrated band in the history of music.

Shut your filthy mouth.
Everyone I know loves Doctor Who. I have never made it through a single episode, and I have tried.