Caffeine-free Mountain Dew?

IIRC, Mountain Dew is available in Canada w/o caffeine.

  1. Is this true?
  2. Is there any noticible difference in taste?
  3. Is it possible to get it in the US?
  4. If so, where?

In the words of the great Tim Meadows…

“Yeah, that’s digusting…”

Mt. Dew’s so gross, I thought the only reason to drink it was for the caffeine!

Really, I have nothing valuable to add. :frowning:

  1. Is this true? Absolutely
  2. Is there any noticible difference in taste? Never tried the caffinated one
  3. Is it possible to get it in the US? dunno
  4. If so, where? If it means a great deal to you, email me, I can mail you some

Up here, we LIKE the taste. I buy it for the kids, they love it. Its a lovely light slightly sweet, citrussy taste. Yummy!

Is it really that gross where you are???

Here in Canada, you can’t buy it WITH caffeine; it isn’t permitted to caffeinate a citrus drink here. I personally don’t like the stuff.

I knew all along that something was wrong with you crazy Canadians…

Mt. Dew with no Caffeine? shudder

Posted by kellibelli:

What kellibelli meant to add to the end of that was "for a small fee."

We just ain’t gonna give the stuff away you know… :slight_smile:

Unless I am wrong (and I am never wrong), caffeine-free Mountain Dew was available in the U.S. at one time. I do know that you can still get caffeine-free diet Mountain Dew here currently. It tastes much flatter (not nearly as carbonated) as non-caffeine-free Mountain Dew.

You can buy it in the US, it is usuually located right next to the regular Mt. Dew.

It seems like the OP was answered, but this brings up more questions.

The main one is why? When was this law passed. What about imported citrus drink? Does this mean no alcoholic lemonade? blah blah blah.

Our local store runs coffee through at charcoal filter to take out the caffeine. I wonder if that would work for soda?

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is available here, and if I’m not mistaken, fairly popular.

I’ve seen Diet Mt. Dew, but never caffeine-free Mt. Dew?

Uncaffeinated Mountain Dew?

/Foghorn Leghorn voice/ Why, why, that’s an abomination, son, I say, its unnatural! /Foghorn/

From Pepsi Products FAQ

Pepsi-Cola’s local bottlers determine which products to package and sell in their territory based on local consumer demand and other market factors. If you’d like to see a specific product or packaging option added in your area, please contact your local Pepsi-Cola bottler”

Also in their FAQ they list decaf Mt Dew and decaf Diet Mt Dew. It looks like it is totally up to the distributors in the US whether to provide it to their stores or not.

Never give up a chance to quote the Simpsons

I’ve never seen the decaf Dew. I accidentally grabbed a Diet Dew once and after one swig, I would’ve fought Homer Simpson for his crab juice. I’m not looking to buy a truckload of this stuff, just curious about the taste. Kellibelli, drop me a line!

Yep, non-caffinated Dew does exist.
Yep, and even in the U.S. because that is where I am.
I find it mostly in gas stations next to the regular Dew, or at Pick-n-Save. A local mega grocery chain. It looks just like the regular Dew but it has a gold ring around the top.

But perhaps I just live in a bizzare beverage area. YOu can still find Hubba Bubba soda here along with a coffee flavoured soda.

On a side note, has anyone else ever seen a delicious beverage line called Nantucket Nectars? I used to find it here but it seems to have dissapeared.

Yeah, we have nantucket nectars around here, in salem-keizer, OR. I don’t know why this knowledge is valuable to you, but whatever…

Nantucket Nectars are all over Massachusetts. They don’t taste too bad, but I’ve always found their prices to be a rip off…