Canadian Mountain Dew

Thank you, oh, thank you, for the little aside comment in the ‘caffiene in soft drinks’ answer that mentioned Mountain Dew has the second-highest caffiene content among readily available soft drinks, but apparently has no caffiene in Canada. This may help clear up a mysterious event in my life as a Mountain Dew addict. While honeymooning in Toronto in 1995, I had a hard time even finding Dew. Nearing panic, I was finally able to obtain some at a few different locations, but it always tasted ‘not right’ - awful, in fact. Perhaps it was the lack of caffiene. I’ve also heard unsubstantiated reports that American and Canadian Mountain Dew are sweetened differently. Anyone know any more?

The column being referenced is: Which softdrinks have the most caffeine?

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See the Dr Pepper link:

It discusses sugar vs. corn syrup.

Just to follow up on the fact that Canadian Mountain Dew does not contain any caffeine. It does not contain caffeine because I believe that there exist some regulation from Health Canada that prohibit caffeine in any non-dark coloured pop (e.g. 7-UP). So Coke, Pepsi, Barq’s, etc can have but not Sprite, etc.

There was a case recently in Calgary where a store which sold British imports got into trouble because they were selling a British orange pop which contained caffeine. Apparently a no no under the law.