Cage match - Honey Badger vs Wolverine - Who wins?

Assuming comparably sized animals is one favored over the other?

Honey Badgervs Wolverine

Honey Badger don’t care.

Some swearing.

/ I’ll just let myself out now.

Internet memes given their due, I’m still betting on the wolverine.

Tropical cage or Tundra cage?

Carcajou wins, all the freakn`time.

We don’t need no stinking honey badgers.

eta: this is kinda scary though:

I’d bet on the wolverine. They’re nearly the same animal, so I’d guess a draw (or roughly even outcomes over time).

Even with dogs with bees in their mouths and when they open their mouths bees fly out? Cause I bet that some bees would make quick work of the honey b…errr, nevermind.

I’m no zoologist, but they seem to me to be essentially the same animal, with the wolverine being slightly larger. Given the extra mass, I’d go with the wolverine.

Wolverine. Because Honey Badger DON’T care. Not even enough to show up.