Cake, anyone?

I guess I am asking for humble opinions.

A week or so ago I heard a few songs by “Cake.” The songs were played quietly in the background, so there is much I didn’t hear, but what I heard seemed very good. What I can say about the words and the music is that both seemed far away from what I consider to be the normal habitat of modern music, and this is a BIG plus. I would like to hear more and know more, but my searches so far have a tendency to turn up recipies.

Are there any “Cake” opinions out there?

Go to’s music section. Do a search on “Cake”.

“to me
coming from you…
a friend is a four letter word
iend is the only part of that word
…that I heard
Call me morbid or absurd”
I love that song by cake. I did as a presentation in my sign language class in college. I signed to the song. They gasped at the lyrics. Oh yeah, baby!

Cake is decent, in small doses. I find the singer’s voice annoying after not too long. But you gotta admire a band that uses a weedwhacker as a musical instrument.

If you’re looking for really good music that’s away from the mainstream, I suggest Soul Coughing.

Cake has a SINGER?? You gotta be kidding me…

NO, Cake has a TALKER masquerading as a singer. Although I hear that he has a good voice when he chooses to use it.

I like Cake. I have both their cd’s. True, the lead singer doesn’t really “sing” that much, but their lyrics are neat. They have a unique sound that I haven’t heard elsewhere.

[homer] Mmmmmm… Cake… [/homer]

oh, you meant that cake.

Never mind.

Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions. I will check them out some more before deciding to buy anything.

I really like some cake, but only about half the songs on each album. The other half I just skip through… I could probably make one good tape from their three records I have.

They have three?

First of all, Cake and Soul Coughing are mainstream. You want to get into quirky bands that are out of the mainstream, check out Guster.

Secondly, there is indeed a lead singer. You want to check out a band with a lead “talker,” check out King Missle.

Thirdly, I really like Cake. Any band that covers “I Will Survive” not because they think it’s a funny song, but because they really think it’s a GOOD song rock. I used to own all of their stuff, but my CD collection was stolen. So far I have only replaced Prolonging the Magic. I listen to it a lot.

And lastly, any band that has a song about a goofy woman is OK in the Swiddle Song Book. “When she talks she moves her mouth/Instead of her lips/And when she walks, she swings her arms/Instead of her hips” I simply have to like them!

I put them in between the Dead Milkmen and the They-Might-be-Giants catagories-- amusing if you’re in the mood.

They are alright. Nothing amazing.

I have all 3 albums. They are all decent, although similar.