Does anyone know what the CAKE phrase comfort eagle refers to?

I know it’s from CAKE. I know the line, “He is living comfort eagle.” Does anyone know what it means or refers to? Thanks.

OK, I’ll be the first to reveal my ignorance. I can’t answer your question, largely because I haven’t the slightest notion what CAKE is. Anybody want to help me out?

Cake is a band. One of the few bands I really, really like.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the phrase “comfort eagle” refers to. The only Google hits I seem to get on it are about the Cake song/album. (Even when using -cake in the search.)

I love Cake! They are from my town. I have all but their most recent album and have listened to them over and over. But I have no idea what “Comfort Eagle” refers to.

I never thought of it before, though. I wonder from whence the phrase originates.