Cake Wrecks' tribute to poop cakes.

For those of you in a third-grade humor mindset today. Cake Wrecks is one of those sites I have to read forewarned that I will be making choking, gasping laughing sounds at my desk from time to time.

Mmmmmm… turd icing.

I like the turds wearing the cute little hats.

The cakes are bad enough, but the rewritten song just put this one over the top.

When my older brothers were in cub scouts (back in the late 70s), they entered the annual cake baking contest. They had elaborately planned out a very complicated windmill cake, that towered up several layers (the actual windmill was not edible). They carefully covered it in wax paper to protect it, complete with toothpicks to lift the paper off of the icing, and placed it in the backseat.

My dad carefully drove the 5 blocks to the church basement where the event was to be held, and as the car came to a complete stop, the windmill cake did not. It quivered like a bowl of jello, and flopped over on its side, completely ruined. My brothers were in tears as they carried that cake carcass into the church basement and onto their designated table. My mom did her best job directing them where to apply emergency frosting, but it was a lost cause.

They ended up each winning $10, as they had won 2nd place in the Ugliest Cake category.