Cakeday question

Is it our birthday, or the day we joined the Dope?

Full cake=Birthday.
Slice of cake=Join day.

And à la Mode?

My join day was the 7th. :cake:

Today was my join day! :cake:

You should have waited a week. You’d have a cake plus an extra slice.

Wasnt thinking. Thanks🥳

Is our date of joining when we actually joined, in the Before Times, before Discourse, or when our account got migrated here?


Your join day is when you actually joined, back in the days of dinosaurs and cave men, long before Discourse.

@Terminus_Est your join day is April 2, 2001.

Got an “anniversary” badge today. Is that the same as join day?


Your join day (the day the account was created) is January 30, 2001. Obviously this is way before Discourse.

Today is the anniversary of when we switched from vBulletin to Discourse.

For those of you who joined after we switched, your join day and your anniversary day will be the same.

Since we came back, we should get pie. Please fix.


There you go.

< commences nomming >

Happy anniversary! It’s like having a second wife.

What I don’t quite understand is that I’ve earned anniversary badges for every year since 2018 even though it’s only been two years since we switched to Discourse. So the system is awarding badges for years prior to that, although not all of them, as I’ve been here since 2004.

You get an anniversary badge every year as long as you’ve made one post that year.

Mine also goes back to 2018. I don’t know why. I’ve been here since 2001.

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Same with me!

And I joined in '09.