Why is there a slice of cake next to my username?

Not that I necessarily object. Just wondering whether it means anything.

Today is the anniversary of the day you joined the (SD) community.

It’s your board anniversary.

Oh is it? Wow. Thanks for the cake! Is it dietetic?

Often called (on message boards, reddit specifically) your cake day.

A few prior threads on this:

I also just added it to the FAQ:

I wonder if you get something different for a significant anniversary?

I believe that the cakeday plugin has one icon for your birthday and another for your join date anniversary. I don’t think that it has different icons for different anniversaries. There is some customization available with the plugin and I don’t have privileges to see exactly how we have it configured here.

I want pie

The icon looks vaguely like a lemon meringue pie, you can declare yours to be that.

Or even better, sour cream lemon pie, damn my diet.

That does sound good.

Thank you!

I’ll take a Piecaken, when it’s my turn :slight_smile:

But I don’t see myself in the Cakeday list – Straight Dope Message Board

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Ah. Oh.

It’s dialectic

Boogie woogie, woogie!

Dialectic Boogie!