Welcome to the Thread Games forum

This forum is for games in which the thread itself is a game. Typically the thread starter posts a challenge or premise, to which other posters respond. The rules for this forum will evolve, but for now:

  1. This forum is only for thread games and related discussion. All other discussion of games and sports should go in the Game Room forum.

  2. In a given game thread, posts should consist of (a) entries in the game, and (b) comments/questions pertinent to the game. Keep the latter to a minimum to avoid derailing the game.

  3. Meta discussion about a thread (or the forum in general) should go in a separate thread. In other words, a post relevant to gameplay can go in the game thread, but a post questioning the premise or raising some other general issue should go in a separate thread.

That’s it (for now). Enjoy the forum.

Thanks, Ed.

Now I’m gonna have $#@! Foreigner going through my head, every time I open the SDMB main page.

It’s interesting that the Main Page counts for the new forum are “1” and “3” for posts and views, but yet when you look at the forum counts themselves there are a blu-jillion in each category.

ETA: Now updated Main Page numbers:

Welcome to the Thread Games…
by Zeldar
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Thank you all for your hard work and patience.

Do threads in this forum still need to be tagged with [Game] in the subject so they show up that way in the New Posts list, or can we leave it off, because it’ll say “Thread Games” off to the right in the Forum column?

Major thanks your way, Ed.

Thank you for a solution that I think will make everyone happy. That’s quite an accomplishment!

I’d say no. With the invent of this new forum, it’s sort of automatically given that they’re games.

In fact, I’m willing to take [GAME] out of all of the topics over the next day or so (if nobody has a problem with it).

Yeah, the [GAME] badge isn’t needed here.

Not to cavil, but I see Botticelli’s been left behind. Possibly because it lacked a [GAME] label for some reason.

Hey cool, our very own forum now.

Question: What’s the policy on older game threads that haven’t been moved yet? Should we report them, or simply let them fade away in the other forum?

Games that are dead and forgotten can remain where they are. Report those in which there is continuing interest for a forum change.

Now that you mention it, I will too. :mad:

Because I forgot to include it in the thread title. :smiley:

The old Botticelli games should be moved, too, so we don’t have to keep changing forums to look back at old games. And also the “Botticelli - the letters we’ve used so far” thread.

Cool. I’ve never liked the [GAME] tag. I think because it made it readily apparent that there were so many threads I wasn’t going to be interested in while without the tag I could browse down the page and come to that realisation a bit more gently.

Should threads to recruit interest in a game go in this forum or another?

(If it matters, my preference would be for the recruitment thread to go in another forum so it gets more views, but really either way makes sense).

Yes, please.

Also yes, please.

Many thanks to Ed and the Dope PTB!

I’ll look up the older Botticelli threads sometime today and transfer them over.

So when does the first game freak’in begin?