*** Forum rules and FAQ: Read this first! UPDATED October 3rd, 2014 ***

What kinds of threads should go in this forum?

Any threads which are about sports belong in this forum, as well as about games of any kind. Any games being held on the boards, such as Mafia games, should instead be in the Thread Games forum. Please read the descriptions for all forums and the Straight Dope Message Board Rules before posting.

General guidelines

Personal insults towards other members are not allowed in this forum. If you would like to call out another member, insult others, or flame, please start a thread in The BBQ Pit.

Disagreement is allowed, but please restrain yourself from entering a thread only to disparage something while derailing the subject of the thread (“threadshitting”). For example, if the thread is about chess strategy, please do not post only to say “Chess is stupid”. If the subject is “What do you think about Grand Theft Auto?”, it is acceptable to say that you do not like it, of course.

Please use descriptive thread titles. Other members should not need to open the thread to understand what it is about. For example, “What does this mean?” is a poor thread title. Instead, try “What does THAC0 mean in Dungeons and Dragons?”


As in Cafe Society, please take heed that your posts do not “spoil” the subject for others reading the thread. Please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Please keep any and all spoilers out of the thread’s title.

  • If you would like to include spoilers in the thread that are not put in spoiler tags, please put [OPEN SPOILERS] in the thread’s title. Please report posts that do not follow this guideline so that a moderator can edit the thread title.

  • If you would like to add a spoiler to a thread, but conceal it from view, please use a spoiler tag.

  • Spoilers would include, but are not limited to, the solutions for puzzles, sporting event results, the plot endings of video games, and the like.

Holding games in this forum

Holding games in this forum is allowed. You do not need to ask permission to run a game. Please make sure that there is some substance to the game - in other words, the game should have rules or a “theme”. If you are unsure if your thread is appropriate, please PM or email a forum moderator before posting. (There’s list of the moderators for each forum at the bottom of the main forum page (the index), and there’s a link at the bottom of the SDMB main page that lists all staff members.)

If you would like the title of your game thread changed - for example, [Closed] to indicate no more players are being accepted - please PM or email a forum moderator to change it for you, or simply report a post in the thread (which will email all the moderators of that forum).

At this time, there is no limit to the number of similar games being run at once. Should this be a problem in the future, we may ask to limit the number of games of a particular type, but for now, please feel free to start a game — you don’t need to ask.

Updated the above rules, taking out the part about “Post count padding”.

While that is still frowned upon in many of the forums here, some of the games (in question) in this forum may seem like that to some, but are–in fact–okay and allowed as the staff of this board has decided.

<bumped to reorder stickies>

Will be adding tags to the Game Room. So some threads will get bumped.

Tags are all lower case and words are separated by a -

Tags in Game Room.

Going forward, in Game Room if posters creating new threads could also choose a tag if appropriate it would be appreciated. I’ll add new tags if desired.

Adding Tags for a new Thread (new Topic) should look like this:

Available tags

To see all tags click here: Tags
From here you can click on any of the tags pull up all threads classified as such.