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This forum is about anything related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Keep politics and debates out of this forum. Great Debates and Elections may be used for those threads and posts. Also, some posts, such as the “Your pandemic playlist” currently in CS, may be better suited to another forum if they are not directly related to the virus.

As with MPSIMS breaking news threads, feel free to use threads and posts here as springboards to new threads in GD or Elections, or even the Pit if you feel so inclined.

If you want a purely factual discussion, post it in this forum (not in GQ), but clearly indicate in either the title or the OP (or preferably both) that you want the discussion to remain purely factual. The basic rules of GQ apply to all threads that are clearly marked as such.

Breaking News threads should also be clearly marked, again in either the thread title or the OP (and again, preferably both). Any thread clearly marked as breaking news is restricted to direct discussion regarding the news event. You may of course use breaking news threads as a springboard to other threads seeking opinions or a wider discussion, which would not be marked as a breaking news thread.

A suggestion regarding Breaking News type threads:
Place the date, possibly with the phrase “as of”, in the title of any such thread.

When the crisis is over will the forum be folded into IMHO or something? Otherwise the only options I can see are
[li]Hanging around unused forever as a record of the Day the World Got Sick[/li][li]Kept in place for the next pandemic[/li][li]The posts lost forever, like tears in the rain[/li][/ul]

The ban on politics in this forum is completely untenable. Like it or not this is inextricable.

We have the Chinese government (and likely others) suppressing and lying about the data. We have politicians and propaganda here in America spreading dangerous misinformation at every turn. We have daily briefings that are veiled campaign stump speeches. We’re going to have a major election to conduct amidst a lock down.

What’s the point of this place if we can’t talk about the sources of this misinformation and their dishonest motives? About how our federal, state and local governments are or are not managing it and why?

It would be nice if this slow moving catastrophe were depoliticized and we could come together to deal with it, but that’s a fantasy world.

omniscient is so right, and like it or not, politics has literally everything to do with this pandemic that we are currently facing. the way that it is handled is a part of politics. whether you’re a democrat or republican, you know that a huge part of this has to deal with politics. how can it not involve politics when we have a president who continuously plays it down and then when he finally realizes that its coming back to bite he automatically begins lying and saying that he knew it would be a pandemic. worse, when the media try to set him straight he immediately lashed out at them in an angry meltdown claiming that he knew it would be a pandemic saying that he recognized it first even before the press (which if you wanna fact check go to CNN’s webpage). as if all this he begins to claim that he has absolute authority as though this is a unitary system not a democracy. He continuously claimed he had the authority that he could reopen the country which could ruin our current flattening. also, he went up completely against the 10th amendment which states that all power not spelled out in the constitution for the federal government belongs to the states. so yes, politics is everything to do with the novel coronavirus and how come there are more than 20,000 deaths, more than half a million cases (just in america), and some very under protected healthcare workers that are forced to buy freezer trucks to store all the dead bodies and doing things that just a few months ago would’ve gotten them fired. so please don’t think you can leave politics out of this and still be a part of reality. especially when we have a pathological liar sitting in the seat of the United States of America.

This has nothing to do with what you can and can’t post. It’s all about where to post it.

If you want to discuss the political aspects of COVID-19, you are free to do so, just not in this forum. Use Politics and Elections instead.

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