Should the SBMB have a (hopefully) temporary Coronavirus forum?

Any chance of adding a section for discussion just for the Corona virus? This way all posts of that subject are consolidated, and it would “clean up” the other sections.

( Donning fire proof suit )

We could call it the “Quarantine” section.

Too clever an idea not to use.

Normally, I’d think this is a good idea. But with all the problems this board has been having lately, would it likely cause more?

Why would it help? I mean at this point 80% of the board’s activity is either COVID-19 or the upcoming US election. Also what Grrr! said.

Like containing the virus itself, I’d say it’s a bit too late. It’s infected every nook and cranny on the board. The poor moderators would have to work double-time corralling and transferring all the current threads to the new forum and then play whack-a-mole with any new ones.

Probably not worth the effort.

Worth discussing. Which we are right now.

your humble TubaDiva

Yes it would be a good idea Jenny :slight_smile: (Then we couild move all threads to that base)

It is the subject-du-jour, and probably the subject d’anee, and the threads are in every forum. It’s pretty much the only subject that many of us are current focused on. Not sure how complicated this would be.

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I think its a good idea. I’d also like to see the rules aggressively enforced especially political sniping in Breaking News…and yes, I have reported some.

Naah, I don’t see the need, quite frankly.

Coronavirus, Politics & Elections?

CMC fnord!

And bacon. And spam, spam, spamitty spam.

FWIW, I vote NO. It’s already hard enough keeping track of which COVID19 threads I’m interested in the different forums; mix them all together & it’ll just turn into one big jumble. I think we should keep our threads [del]socially[/del] forumly distanced.

The general questions and debates about mundane Coronavirus politics, games, and society pit forum?

I would like to have a temporary Covid-19 forum, yes, for a few months until the thing blows over.

Then they’d better not all be “Breaking News” threads, because politics figures heavily in the response to, or lack of response to, or aggrivation of the pandemic.

It might be good to have something for all the breaking news, personal experiences and opinions, however I wouldn’t like to see threads from GQ moved.

GQ questions must be protected, like the elderly.

I’d prefer not, since the fora have different rules.