Why do I have a delicious-looking slice of cake emoji next to my avatar handle today?

I just noticed today next to my avatar handle and Guest designation is what looks like a yummy slice of vanilla cake with a strawberry on top. What did I do to earn such an honor? It’s not my birthday.

If you mouse over it it says something about today being the anniversary of the day you joined the SDMB.

Oh ok, thanks! I’m on an iPad and tapping on it did nothing.

Well, happy anniversary to me.

You also get a full cake on your birthday, IIRC.

I don’t think i have my birthday listed in my profile, but maybe i should, because why pass up free cake!

Happy cake day!

The cake is, of course, a lie.

No, it’s moist and delicious.

The celebratory candescence is a lie.

The cake is as real as you believe it to be.

Also, completely calorie-free.

It’s not the calories that’ll ruin your diet, but the photons.

But photons are so light!

[GLaDOS] Ok. The test is over now. You win. Go back to the recovery annex. For your cake. [/GLaDOS]

I tried to get my birthday in my profile, but I was born on the 18th of Marbrulyberst, and it does not want to let me put that in.

Best. Games. Ever.

Avatar/post combo win.

It’s storming here and someone left my cake out in the rain.

I don’t think that I can take it.

Oh, you’ve reached that age.

FYI, the cake emoji doesn’t show up on my phone. No biggie, the phone hates me anyway.

Update: Cake all gone (urp!).

Just go into settings and change your birthday to tomorrow. Keep doing that so that you never run out of cake.